‘Chicago PD’ Tracy Spiridakos Reveals Reason For Leaving Show

Tracy Spiridakos

Tracy Spiridakos has played Hailey Upton on Chicago PD for several seasons. However, she has decided to leave the show and has revealed the real reason. Fans loved her when she came onto the show in Season 4. She then became a series regular in Season 5. Viewers are bummed to see her leave and have been dying to know if it was her choice or not. Keep reading to find out more.

Tracy Spiridakos Reveals Reason For Leaving

Tracy Spiridakos revealed the real reason she left the show. It was on her own terms. 

“I decided at the end of my sixth season, which is when I had reached out to Gwen and to everyone at Wolf to let them know that I just wanted to do one more year, I wanted us to send out the character with one last season. It was a hard decision — very, very hard. I love everybody on the show — cast, crew, producers, writers, everybody. It’s such an incredible team. I was just curious what was out there for me and wanted to switch it up, and that was it,”

Her character, Hailey Upton, was seen leaving the show and going to the airport. She did not die and there was no true ending that would result in her not returning if she wanted to.

Producers Thoughts On Her Exit

It seems producers would love to have her back if she ever wants that. 

“Of course, yeah! I’ll take her back whenever she wants to come back, yes, of course, I love having the door open.”

Maybe Tracy just needed a break from being on screen and will return in later seasons. Chicago PD is a fan favorite, and viewers cannot wait to see what is in store for the future of the show. The door has been left open for her to return and fans would love to see her come back in the future.


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It seems that Tracy left on her own terms. She just wanted something new and that was not going to happen with her continuing the show. Fans are wondering if she will return to the show in the future. The door was left open for her character and producers would love to have her back.What do you think about her exit? Sound off in the comments below.

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