‘Quarter Ton Teen’ Premieres, When To Watch & What To Expect

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TLC fans who love medical shows like My 600-Lb Life and 1000-Lb Sisters might be interested in A&E’s newest show. Quarter Ton Teen follows teenagers struggling with weight-related issues and their journey to get on a healthier track.

So far, it seems like it follows a pattern similar to My 600-Lb Life. And although Dr. Now isn’t part of Quarter Ton Teen, it has his seal of approval.

Keep reading to see what he had to say and get the scoop on new episodes.

Dr. Now Promotes Quarter Ton Teen Ahead Of Premiere Date

Since Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is getting older, many fans have speculated he will retire soon. That could have some truth to it, but Dr. Now will always promote health and wellness. And that starts with A&E’s new show, Quarter Ton Teen.

“Make sure to watch ‘Quarter Ton Teen’ premiering @aetv Monday, April 22 @ 9pm ET/8pm CT,” Dr. Now shared on his Instagram page a few weeks ago. “The series follows different teenagers over a 2-3 year period as they work to lose weight and transform their lives. It’s an important new series that addresses a growing epidemic with childhood obestity. I’m not in it, but a lot great doctors are.”

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Hear Cece’s story during an all-new #QuarterTonTeen this Saturday at 1p/12c on @AETV,” the channel’s official Instagram page shared. “Cece has struggled with weight for most of her life, but now at almost 500lbs at the age of 16, she feels like she doesn’t fit in anywhere because of her size. This feeling combined with constant health struggles due to her weight, leads Cece to pursue weight-loss surgery.”

The video features Cece trying on dresses, ultimately unsatisfied with how she looks in any of them.

“I want a life and to be able to be myself and express myself the way I want to and do the things that I want,” Cece shares in the video. “I can’t wait to finally be able to express myself through clothing and things I can wear and actually feel good about myself.”


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Viewers React To The Teaser For Cece’s Story

Fans are excited to tune in but ultimately aren’t impressed with how Cece’s mother acted in the teaser. Many placed blame on the mother and didn’t think she did much to help Cece’s mental health.

They left comments including:

  • No wonder this poor girl has no self confidence. Her mom is so unempathetic.”
  • She’s a cute girl. I hope she gets to live a long, happy, healthy life. It’s HER life. We have one to live. She has the power to live it however will make her most happy.”
  • I’m sorry but her mom’s comments aren’t helping…and her mom had a part in this as well 🤷🏽‍♀️”
  • Girl you are beautiful already. Once you lose the weight your self confidence will improve and feeling good about yourself will happen along the journey.”

As the A&E Instagram page pointed out, Quarter Ton Teen put out a new episode at 1 PM Eastern time, 12 PM Central time. Cece’s story is the fourth episode of Season 1.

Fans curious to keep up with the Quarter Ton Teen cast can tune into A&E each Saturday at 1 PM Eastern time to catch the latest episode.

What do you think of the show so far? Share your own thoughts in the comments.

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