‘Family Feud’ Fans Shocked By Explicit Response

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud fans were recently taken aback by an unexpected, explicit response to a question from Steve Harvey. So, what did a contestant say that had viewers in stitches?

Family Feud Fans Never Know What Responses They Will Get

Along with watching Family Feud for Steve Harvey and all the jokes he makes with the answers participants give him on the show, a big draw for viewers is never quite knowing what someone will say when they are asked a question. At times, people keep it serious with practical answers. Other times, they say something completely out of left field that no one expects.

Even Steve Harvey, who is one of the most composed celebs in the business, still loses it at some of the responses he hears. This is one of the many things that keeps viewers coming back, with many fans watching the show for decades. All these years and hosts later, viewers continue to tune in.

Family Feud Steve Harvey - YouTube/Bonus Round
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Bonus Round

Fans Taken Aback By NSFW Response

Veteran Family Feud watchers know that even the most innocent questions on the show can produce some of the raunchiest responses from family members. The funny part a lot of the time is that many of those explicit answers end up being on the board.

Recently, Family Feud watchers were surprised by a NSFW response to a question. Steve Harvey asked the question: “If you left your laptop open, what do you hope isn’t on your screen?”

This type of leading question is guaranteed to produce some creative responses, and one person didn’t disappoint, responding with: “Messages from a h**.” The contestant, Joshua, seemed more than pleased with his response to the question.

Unfortunately, while this may be true in some cases, the answer Joshua gave wasn’t on the board. However, the look on Steve Harvey’s face makes it all worth it, even if there were no points for that response.


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Family Feud: Fans React To Hilarious NSFW Response

One thing about these types of Family Feud responses is they have endless potential to go viral on social media. This is a big difference between the show now versus when it premiered way back in 1976. Even viewers who may not have seen the recent episode are reacting. People have a lot to say.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
Steve Harvey – YouTube/Family Feud
  • One Family Feud fan said: “Bros bouta get every electronic device scrubbed through when he gets home.”
  • Another commenter said: “I beg your finest pardon!”
  • A third commenter said: “Way too specific lol people be losing all sense when on live TV lol.”

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