‘Family Feud’ Shocked Steve Harvey Almost Collapses On Stage

Family Feud: Steve Harvey

Family Feud is known for contestants giving some pretty wild answers. Steve Harvey has heard plenty of them and kept his composure. However, a recent answer from a contestant had the comedian and host nearly falling over with laughter. So, what happened?

Family Feud: Steve Harvey Has Heard It All

As an actor and comedian with all of his years in the business, Steve Harvey has heard it all. Once he made the shift to hosting duties for various programs, another skill he has had to master was keeping his composure.

When he does his stand-up specials, he can be as wild and wacky as he wants. However, depending on the hosting gig, he often has to maintain a certain level of composure during filming.

Even when he gets a little off track, Harvey is usually able to reel it back in and allow the show to continue. In some instances, that isn’t the case.

Steve Harvey - YouTube/Family Feud
YouTube/Family Feud – Steve Harvey

Family Feud Contestant Gives ‘Countriest’ Answer?

During a recent taping of Family Feud, a participant gave an answer that even a veteran host like Steve Harvey didn’t expect. Steve asked the question: “Name something a man would love to unwrap on Christmas morning.”

On the surface, the question seems innocent enough. One might think of items like cologne, a beard grooming kit, or even a new grill. However, a recent answer is one that a lot of people didn’t expect, including Steve Harvey.

In a southern accent to boot, the contestant answered: “An all-inclusive paid hunting trip.”

Steve Harvey-YouTube
Steve Harvey-YouTube

Host Steve Harvey Absolutely Loses It

The Family Feud contestant, as well as her family members, seemed more than satisfied with her answer. As they were exuberant about her answer to the question, host Steve Harvey put his hand up and leaned back before erupting with laughter.

Between gasps of laughter and trying to catch his breath, Steve Harvey said to the audience: “These are the ‘countriest’ answers I’ve ever heard.” Harvey didn’t stop there, as he went on to ask: “Who the hell gets that for Christmas?”

Depending on where you go, where you stay, and what you hunt, all-inclusive hunting packages could cost a pretty penny. One example from Independence Ranch in Texas is a three-day all-inclusive hog hunt for $899 per person. So, this is a lot more than your typical cologne or mid-tier bottle of Scotch.

@familyfeud Nothing like unwrapping _____ on Christmas morning. 🤔🔫🤠 “Countriest” answer floors #SteveHarvey!! #FamilyFeud ♬ UNWRAP – Family Feud

  • Some Family Feud watchers even defended the response on social media, with one viewer saying: “That was not the first thing I thought of but shoot…he might like that too!”
  • Another commenter on social media added: “Hey Harvey…don’t knock it till you try it.”

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