‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Truth Behind Why Ty Rejected Final Ladies?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell

Farmer Wants A Wife fans were surprised when Ty Ferrell rejected both of his final ladies in the Season 2 finale. Recently, Ty offered a major clue as to why that went down the way it did. If you look closely at past scenes, the clue was hidden there in plain sight as well. So, what did Ty have to say about everything?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell A Big Hit With Fans

On Season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife, farmer Ty Ferrell was a big hit with viewers. While the other three farmers are in their 20s, farmer Ty was the distinguished farmer among the group, in his 40s. There was a good range for fans to dig into where the farmers were concerned.

Ty Ferrell certainly has all the qualities most people think of when they think of a rugged outdoorsman. Not only does he work on his farm, and as a rodeo photographer, but, he has a charming smile and good looks to boot. So, it was even more shocking in the Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 finale when Ty ultimately decided to ride off into the sunset alone.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell
Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell/YouTube

Ty Rejected Both Melody And Megan In The Season 2 Finale

When it came to Melody Fernandez on Farmer Wants A Wife, it wasn’t a huge shock when Ty didn’t pick her. It was a good experiment to see if a city girl could fall for a farmer. While the opposites attract theory was certainly something to watch between these two, their drastically different lifestyles just didn’t mesh in the end.

As for Megan Lay, viewers agreed that the chemistry between her and Ty was significantly more. The only problem was, Megan wanted kids eventually, whereas Ty didn’t want to have more. So, as much as there was chemistry between these two, they both had drastically different life goals where family was concerned.

Ty Ferrell, Melody Fernandez, and Megan Lay. - Farmer Wants A Wife - Instagram
Ty Ferrell, Melody Fernandez, and Megan Lay. – Farmer Wants A Wife – Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Reveals The Truth Behind Rejecting Both Women?

Many Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been scratching their heads regarding Ty picking no one in the end. However, Ty recently brought attention to a major clue that influenced his decision-making.

Ty included a clip from the show where the farmers talked about how they felt about older women. You can clearly see Ty’s face light up when the topic comes up. Along with sharing the clip from the show on TikTok, Ty also included the caption: “I’ll fill in what I wanted to say! Would have loved women my age or older!”

Ty Ferrell then added: “Definitely was a pleasure getting to meet all the ladies that were apart of my farm!”

Ty Ferrell, Brandon Rogers, and Mitchell Kolinsky. - Farmer Wants A Wife - YouTube
Ty Ferrell, Brandon Rogers, and Mitchell Kolinsky. – Farmer Wants A Wife – YouTube

This is certainly a big clue from Ty Ferrell. One thing about women Ty’s age or older is they more than likely have already had kids and don’t want more. Ty dating an older woman would bypass the biggest hurdle he ran into with Megan Lay. So, that could be a huge reason why he didn’t choose either woman in the end, as he needs someone closer to him in age.

@tyferrellphotography #farmerwantsawife This was such a great day! We got to share stories, laugh, and have a damn good time!@Brandon @Reality Club FOX @Nate Smo: Florida Cattle 🐮 @Mitchell Kolinsky ♬ original sound – RodeoTyphotography

While a woman in her 20s may work for the other farmers, Ty clearly needs a woman distinguished and experienced in life and the ways of the world, much like himself.

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Evan Morgan


  1. Ty did the right thing… Great Gramma here… could see the writing on the wall, way before it happened.
    I have the perfect Country Gal for him.. She is in her 40’s.. never been married, has a successful horse business, ropes, barrel races, cattle drives, etc.
    Won’t let me attach any photos… Sorry…
    If you think you might be interested email me.. I can send you lots of photos… She is one in a million !

  2. I agree that a woman his own age would have been more appropriate. However, I knew n my early 20’s that I did not want kids, and I even turned down dates with divorced dads. I married at 25, and my husband was was 35-1/2, and a Catholic who didn’t want kids. When the priest asked if we would lovingly accept kids during our marriage ceremony, we both lied and said yes. I’m not sure how he was ok with that, since when we divorced, he insisted on getting an annulment with the Church.

    So there are even 20-something women who don’t kids.

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