Kirsten Storms Shares The Struggle Of Maxie’s Evolution

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Kirsten Storms is sharing the struggle of dealing with Maxie’s evolution on General Hospital. The actress has grown up on the soap opera in many ways and had to deal with health problems, as well. Now, she is reflecting on how that has affected her character. Keep reading for more details.

Kirsten Storms Shares The Struggle Of Maxie’s Evolution

Since Kirsten Storms has joined General Hospital as Maxie Jones, she has had a lot of life happen to her. She got married to Brandon Barash. They had a daughter, Harper and then they got divorced. She also had to take time off from the soap for personal reasons. Most recently, in 2021, Kirsten underwent brain surgery which was another struggle for her. She has also talked about mental health with co-star, Maurice Benard as she deals with Bipolar Disorder. Through it all, she has stayed strong and tried to be the best mother, friend, and actress possible.

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Unfortunately, some fans have only seen the physical side of what she has gone through. Yes, her appearance has changed since she joined General Hospital in 2005. She is also forty now so she is not the twenty-something that she used to be. Kirsten has since opened up about all of that on Bradford Anderson and Steve Burton’s podcast, The Daily Drama. According to Soaps in Depth, fans have long struggled with her ever-changing looks and her new style of dress.

“I would constantly get messages about how they didn’t like the way I was dressing. But like, I was only comfortable in those clothes because I was not comfortable with myself. And I didn’t have the desire to change that for myself for some reason.”

She also shared that the brain surgery was very hard on her and she did not come back from it as fast as she would have liked or hoped:

“I didn’t bounce back from that mentally and emotionally as quick as I would want to. And I feel like how I felt personally was reflected in Maxie in the show.”

Viewers have seen Kirsten change her hair to a dark brown hue which she had said was inspired by her daughter. She recently went back to blonde and is feeling much more like herself than before.

Back To Where She Belongs

Though it has not been an easy road, Kirsten Storms admitted that she is getting back to a more comfortable place in her life. A lot has to do with self-care and styling:

“Now, I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself as I’m learning to take better care of me. And at work, I’m dressing in more fashionable outfits. I’m more into making sure my makeup goes with it. I have a really different, cool hairstyle. All the old school Maxie stuff.”

It has been a life-changing ride but luckily, Kirsten is here for it and that is all that matters. What do you think of Kirsten’s evolution as Maxie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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