‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Kait Has Words For Mitch Amid Her Elimination

Farmer Wants A Wife: Kait Smith

With the Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 finale in the books, Kait Smith recently opened up following not getting chosen in the end by farmer Mitchell Kolinsky. So, what did she have to say about everything she experienced filming on the farm?

Farmer Wants A Wife: The Pressure Was On With Final Decisions

Like the rest of the farmers on Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, Mitchell Kolinsky was down to the final two women on his farm in the end. There’s a lot more that goes into this final decision than one might think. This one choice has the potential to impact the rest of someone’s life.

Historically and globally, Farmer Wants A Wife is one of the most successful reality dating shows around. With no couples staying together from Season 1, many viewers were hopeful that this batch of Season 2 farmers would notch some in the win column with successful matches.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell - Mitchell Kolinsky - Nathan Smothers - Brandon Rogers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Ty Ferrell – Mitchell Kolinsky – Nathan Smothers – Brandon Rogers

Farmer Mitchell Kolinsky Was Down To Two Women

For farmer Mitchell Kolinsky, it all came down to Kait Smith or Sydney Errera. Ultimately, Mitchell didn’t feel that his connection with Kait was as strong as his connection with Sydney. So, in the end, he decided to let Kait go.

This result wasn’t entirely shocking for most Farmer Wants A Wife fans. There’s no denying that the connection between Mitchell and Sydney was palpable right from the start. So, in many ways, him choosing Sydney over Kait was a bit of a no-brainer.

Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera - Farmer Wants A Wife
Mitchell Kolinsky & Sydney Errera – Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Wants A Wife: Kait Smith Opens Up About Rejection And Overall Experience

Speaking of her Farmer Wants A Wife experience, Kait Smith told her followers that throughout the filming process, she was put in a position where she wasn’t able to “blend into the background” like she usually does. Being on the show took her out of her comfort zone, and she is “thankful” for the opportunity.

Speaking about farmer Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney, Kait said: “To Mitchell, thank you for showing me that good guys still exist 🙂 and to Sydney, I couldn’t have dreamt of a better best friend. I pray everyone is lucky enough to know someone like you.”


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Despite not coming out on top in the end in the Season 2 finale, it’s clear that Kait Smith isn’t bitter at all about her experience. She may not have gained a farmer, but, she gained a best friend in Sydney.

The ladies finding friendships after going through this process seems to be a common theme for many. So, even if not every lady got to ride off into the sunset with their hunky farmer, these friendships are certainly a silver lining, along with all the personal growth across the board.

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