Nathan Smothers Hints To Taylor BeDell Marriage & Kids In Cryptic Post

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers - Taylor BeDell

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 cast member Nathan Smothers recently dropped a major hint about his potential future with Taylor BeDell in a recent update online. So, what did Nathan have to say?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers Was Thrown A Curveball Early

Not only was Nathan Smothers the youngest farmer on Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, but, he was also thrown a huge curveball early on in the season. He first felt an initial spark with Makenzie Wayman in scenes. So much so that he chose her as the first person to bring back to the farm, ahead of the other ladies.

Unfortunately, Makenzie had to bail and go home to attend to her father. Nathan eventually brought Makenzie back later in the season. However, as Farmer Wants A Wife fans saw, it just wasn’t in the cards for these two with everything Makenzie had going on at home.

Nathan Smothers - Farmer Wants A Wife
Nathan Smothers – Farmer Wants A Wife

Farmer Nathan Turned His Focus Elsewhere

Eventually, Farmer Wants A Wife celeb Nathan got over Makenzie and turned his attention to the other ladies still participating on his farm. Nathan got it down to the final two ladies ahead of the Season 2 finale. Still, that finale came with a big decision.

Like the rest of the farmers on the show, Nathan Smothers had a big decision to make. This decision had the potential to impact the rest of his life if he chose correctly. In the end, farmer Nathan decided to go with Taylor BeDell as his final choice.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers - Taylor BeDell
Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers – Taylor BeDell

Farmer Wants A Wife: Nathan Smothers Hints At Future With Taylor BeDell In Recent Update?

Making it to the end on Farmer Wants A Wife doesn’t guarantee a lasting relationship by any means. As fans saw during the first season of the Fox reboot, none of the couples from Season 1 ended up making it for the long haul.

As for Nathan Smothers, he recently shared a handful of pics with Taylor BeDell. He also included a cryptic caption that certainly points to the state of their current relationship, as well as their potential future. Nathan wrote: “I can’t wait for one day to say ‘and well kids… that’s how I met your mother’ #farmerwantsawife.”


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One of the advantages of Nathan being the youngest farmer this season is that he still has plenty of time to start a family. Judging by this latest update, he seems pretty serious about starting that family with Taylor BeDell. This update from him is certainly a good indicator that they are still together and thriving in their relationship, which is always good to see.

  • One fan said: “I’m so happy for both of you, can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
  • Another commenter added: “Beautiful couple! Your love for each other absolutely sparkles.”

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