‘DONDI’ Did Boston Rob Mariano Cost His Game Due To Penalty?

Boston Rob Mariano

Boston Rob Mariano may have cost his game on Deal Or No Deal Island. He has been a fan-favorite the entire season and viewers are ready to stop watching if he gets sent home. Well, that could be the case. Boston Rob potentially ruined his game in the first part of the finale. This is not what he had planned, and he got this far. A simple mistake could have ruined it all.

Boston Rob Mariano Fights For Final Case

Boston Rob has been fighting for his life during this season of the show. The “Night Owls” have been against him from the beginning. This is more than likely due to his history on Survivor. However, Rob is loved by fans which in turn makes people not like anyone in the “Night Owls”. Aron Barbell was Rob Mariano’s right-hand man before he made a bad deal with the banker and was sent home. This has left Rob fighting for his life with no one to trust but himself. He could have screwed that all up by doing something against the rules.

Boston Rob
Boston Rob

Did He Ruin His Game?

Boston Rob is used to playing challenges on Survivor. So, when the host, Joe, started explaining the rules of the challenge, Rob was trying to find strategies to win. He admitted that he was “half-listening” during this time. What he missed was Joe saying they could not look at each other’s boards. However, in Survivor, you are allowed to look at the other team’s puzzles to figure it out. So, once Amy completed her puzzle, Rob went and looked at her answer. This was against the rules which resulted in Rob getting a penalty and having to be the last person in the maze. This put him behind tremendously, but he somehow made up the distance and caught up to Amy. However, the penalty could have ruined his game. The show left viewers with a cliffhanger and they do not know if Rob or Amy comes out first.

Boston Rob Mariano
Boston Rob Mariano

It seems the show left viewers with a huge cliffhanger. Maybe Rob did go home, and this was their way of making sure they had views for the final episode. Boston Rob has been on Survivor multiple times and has won. However, that may have cost him his game on Deal Or No Deal Island. Fans are just going to have to wait and see who comes out last, Rob or Amy. Who do you think is going to pull out the win? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Next week clips show Boston Rob sitting with other eliminated players. Looks like he didn’t make it back in time. Or had the lowest amount.

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