‘DONDI’ Boston Rob Mariano Thinks He Has Set The Expectations

Boston Rob Survivor

Boston Rob Mariano thinks he has set the expectations for other Survivor alums that go on Deal Or No Deal Island. Rob has been a main target not that the numbers are dwindling. He has had his luck and strategic gameplay, and now he just needs to fight for his life in the game. However, he thinks since he has played the game the way he has, other alums are going to have a hard time.

Boston Rob Mariano Discusses Gameplay

Boston Rob discussed his gameplay. 

“I always wanted to have my fate in my own hands, and once I realized [there are] situations that you can get yourself into in this game where effectively you wouldn’t have your fate in your own hands per se, if you’re sitting in the middle and somebody else was playing the banker, they could potentially take you out because you didn’t have immunity. So what I did was I tried to avoid those situations at all costs, and I think anybody else playing this game should be perceptive of their position.”

He is a fan favorite on the show and fans will stop watching if he gets sent home. Fans do not like the group “Night Owls” as they seem to be bullying Boston Rob and Aron Barbell. In the latest episode, viewers saw the hateful things they were saying about the two that had nothing to do with the game.

Boston Rob
Boston Rob

He Sets The Tone

Rob thinks he set the tone for other Survivor alums that will be on the island in the future. 

“I think they’re all going to have a hard time now that I’ve kind of set the tone, I think anybody that goes out there now is going to have a really big uphill battle because they’d be crazy not to get rid of them right away. I knew that my reputation was going to precede me and I was going to have a target on me, but what I did was try to show that I was always going to be a target and there’ll be a time to get me out later in the beginning.”

This makes sense as Rob should have been taken out as quickly as possible. This is because now he has a very good possibility of winning the whole thing since he has made it so far. 

Boston Rob and Sandra Survivor Instagram

It seems that Boston Rob wants the fate to be in his hands. He wants to be able to control his game and not have it in the hands of other players. However, he does trust Aron Barbell and he seems to be the only person on his side. The other players are after the two of them and Rob has to play smart. Do you think he set the tone for other alums? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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