‘Young And The Restless’ Is Melody Thomas Scott Leaving Show?

Melody Thomas Scott

Fans of The Young And The Restless are starting to think that a big change could be coming to the show. There is speculation that Melody Thomas Scott is leaving. She has played the part of Nikki Newman for 45 years, but her character has gone away for a bit in the past. Could it finally be time for her to retire?

Is Melody Thomas Scott Leaving?

Things are getting pretty wild for Nikki Newman once again and it reminds fans of a time that she left for a stint in rehab once before. A Reddit thread has the viewers of The Young And The Restless talking about what is going on with her character now. Back about 10 years ago, she went to rehab and was gone for six months. Fans think this could be happening again, but only time will tell. She could be leaving for a bit or finally deciding it is time to retire.

Young and the Restless Niki Newman Melody Thomas Scott
Young and the Restless Niki Newman Melody Thomas Scott

Fans Explain Their Thoughts

The fans are sharing their thoughts on if Melody Thomas Scott is leaving The Young And The Restless or not. Here is what they had to say on Reddit.

  • I seriously doubt it. It’s her vacation time, probably.
  • Honestly, Nikki needs at least a 2-3 month stint in rehab. But I doubt MTS is leaving. She’s been front-burner for the past 6 months on the show and giving some intense performances. I’m sure she’s just on a vacation.
  • Hopefully, just basing it on it being super similar to 2011 when she went to rehab. They never officially said she wasn’t returning in 2011 when she left for rehab, she just wasn’t called to film for 6 months, not by her choice. IMO the writing is eerily similar to 2011. Just didn’t know if anyone heard anything different.
  • Six months offscreen seems like a long time but it really isn’t when a single “day” in soap world is about 7-10 days. Remember when Danny said he bumped up his tour dates and was leaving in two weeks? The night Phyllis planned the dinner and ended up at the GCAC bar with Nick. She removed her eye lashes and extensions? That episode was March 11, two months ago. Danny still hasn’t left GC. Nikki could return in six months and she would be released from a 28 day program.

Do you think that Melody Thomas Scott is leaving The Young And The Restless? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Y&R weekdays on CBS.

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  1. no, I don’t think Nilli will leave for good. just thinks she needs a break for health purposes. feel better Melody.

  2. I seriously doubt MTS is leaving. However, many actresses take extended leave to have “work done” and then recuperate before they return. Or she may be at a place in her life where she likes the summers off. Whatever the case may be, hope to see a her Nikki back in GC soon.

  3. Well with Sally leaving the show and now Nicki too, things are not looking too promising for the show. Victor says he’s not retiring. but what if his cancer comes back? That’s two main characters gone. This
    should have thought this out months and months ago. We don’t live forever. Start on the next Victor and Nicki. It’s going to be hard.

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