‘Golden Bachelor’ Susan Noles Dating New Man, Who Is He?

Golden Bachelor Susan Noles

Susan Noles has found love after her stint on The Golden Bachelor. Both Noles and her new best friend from the show, Kathy Swarts, have loved to see the impact the show had on people their age. They believe The Golden Bachelor showed people that love can really be found at any age. Now, Susan Noles is living proof that it’s true. Keep reading for details on her newfound love.

Susan Noles Met Her New Man At Marshalls

Apparently, Susan Noles ran into her new beau for the first time during a regular shopping trip in the Philadelphia area. She was in a Marshalls when the man approached her, and now the pair have been out on a few dates with each other.

“He bought a new home and he was going to get some things he needed, and he asked to take a selfie,” she shared. “I can’t go grocery shopping without somebody recognizing [me]. And this is Philly, the City of Brotherly Love. We all know everybody here.”

Kathy Swarts, Noles’ cohost on the Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast, has hyped her up as the “perfect person.” She said that any man would be lucky to date Susan Noles.

Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts - Instagram
Instagram/Susan Noles

“Susan loves to cook, she loves to clean, she likes to shop — all you guys out there, check her out!” Swarts told People.

Right now, Susan Noles is getting to know the man she met at Marshalls. However, she’s not opposed to the idea of being part of the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelorette. Noles said that she hopes she and Kathy Swarts get called back to give the newcomers some advice going into the show.

Joking, Swarts said that she’d want “all the rejects” from the upcoming dating show. “I’m willing to take sloppy seconds,” she said. That said, neither of The Golden Bachelor alums are open to appearing on a Golden Bachelor in Paradise spinoff. Noles said that they both require “air conditioning and no bugs.”

The Golden Bachelor Alums Have Their Sights On Two Other Men

Although it seems like Susan Noles is having luck in the dating department, she’s been thinking about another guy she recently met in Las Vegas. The Golden Bachelor star ran into Bradley Cooper in Vegas and she said she’d love to have him on Golden Hour. Cooper happens to be a huge fan of The Golden Bachelor and loves Noles.

“He was a huge fan and he had a million questions,” she revealed about Bradley Cooper. “He said he never missed a show.”

Susan Noles meeting Bradley Cooper - Instagram
Instagram/Susan Noles

Noles also said she’d love to have her “second heartthrob” on the podcast, referring to Matthew McConaughey. “Matthew, if you’re listening, you and I live about three miles apart,” Kathy Swarts said. “We won’t embarrass you!” Noles chimed in, “We just want to talk, that’s all.”

The Golden Bachelorette is slated to premiere on September 1 on ABC.

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