Tyler Cameron Reveals His Pick For ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

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Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron revealed who he thinks would be the perfect pick for The Golden Bachelorette. Everyone has been speculating about which route the show will go when choosing their lead. There have been a lot of opinions but still no answers. However, since ABC just confirmed it would be happening, hopefully, the new lead will be announced soon. Keep reading to find out more.

Tyler Cameron reveals his pick for Golden Bachelorette

Tyler Cameron has been a fan favorite of Bachelor Nation since trying to find love with Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette. Bustle caught up with Tyler to talk about how things were going for him. They also asked him who he thought would be a good Golden Bachelorette. There have been a lot of opinions about who should get this role.

As for Tyler, he thinks the first Golden Bachelorette should be Susan Noles. He said, “The Kris Jenner double, Susan Noles. I’ve seen some funny takes from her, I think she’s great.”

There are many who agree with Tyler. Susan is well-liked in Bachelor Nation and even officiated Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s wedding.

Tyler Cameron/Credit: WWHL YouTube
What did he think about Patty James on The Golden Bachelor?

Tyler Cameron also dished on what he thought about Patty James being on The Golden Bachelor. Patty is Matt James’ mom. Matt of course is one of Tyler’s best friends.

As far as what he thought about her being on the show and being sent home on night one. Tyler said, “I just think Gerry [Turner] can’t handle Matt’s mom. She’s a rocket. She’s hot and he couldn’t take it, so he got rid of her Night One. Sometimes you get intimidated by women, especially women of tall stature like her.”

Tyler Cameron and Patty James via Insta and Youtube

Tyler talked about his most memorable Valentine’s Day

Tyler also talked about his most memorable Valentine’s Day. He said an old girlfriend told him she couldn’t come over because she lived seven hours away. So, he invited his dad over to cook dinner. He heard a knock at the door and it was his girlfriend. Tyler said, “I open it and it’s my girlfriend in a trench coat and the whole outfit, you know. I was like, Oh boy, this isn’t good.”

He had to spend the rest of the weekend making it up to her.

What do you think about Tyler’s pick for The Golden Bachelorette? Who would you pick?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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