Whitney Way Thore Suggests New Series To Star In

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram

Whitney Way Thore has been on television for nearly 10 years. The TLC star appeared on her first episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life in January 2015. Since then, she has accrued millions of fans (and haters). However, it seems like Whitney may have a new idea for a show. Recently, she pitched the idea to her followers. Continue reading to see what they have to say.

Whitney Way Thore Pitches A New Series To Fans

This week, Whitney Way Thore posted a poll question to her Instagram Story. It was a yes or no question. Above it, she provided some details.

She wrote, “Y’all give me thousands of suggestions for what to do and where to go to meet men. Should I create a series where I do them one by one and share my experience?”

TLC Star Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
TLC Star Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

Reddit user screenshotted the post and shared it on the platform. They titled the post, “I for one would enjoy this. For trash reasons.” The person went on to suggest that it might be a series on Instagram that her followers could watch. Then they added that Whitney Way Thore travels a lot so “maybe she could bring a 90 Day: The Other Way/Before the 90 Days vibe.”

Others didn’t seem so keen on the idea. While it could be entertaining, the other Reddit users who weighed in on the potential series didn’t seem very excited.

There Isn’t Much Interest In A New Series Starring Whitney

One person pitched another show idea, writing, “What about a show where she gets a f***ing job and does it and tries to be good at it and her friends are allowed to go back to their own lives instead of being supporting characters in hers?” Another person responded, “Ironically,  she might actually meet some men this way!”

Whitney Way Thore Instagram Story

Another Reddit user suggested that TLC might be done with Whitney after all this time of airing My Big Fat Fab Life. Ratings may not be where they want them to be and if they cancel the show, she might be scrambling to pitch them a new series. A few other people thought this was a sign that the show didn’t get renewed as well.

The overwhelming response to the idea seemed to be that Whitney Way Thore should not launch this kind of series though. Many people commented that the show wouldn’t be authentic. More than one person suggested that she pitch other shows about her learning manners and respect.

There is no confirmation that My Big Fat Fabulous Life is going off the air, but it hasn’t been officially renewed yet either. Fans can probably expect an announcement and new episodes later this year.

What do you think about Whitney’s proposed series? Let us know down in the comments below.

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  1. Not interested in the least where she goes or what she does. Her series has jumped the shark and she needs to go do something for someone else and treat her family with love and respect.

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