‘The View’ Fans Go Off Deepend, What Happened?

Sunny Hostin - YouTube/The View

Fans of The View were left wondering what they missed during Thursday’s episode after the show was abruptly taken off air. As always, the ladies of The View were discussing some trendy topics when the broadcast was suddenly cut off. So, what happened? Here are the details, plus what fans are saying about it.

The View Is Abruptly Taken Off-Air For Press Conference

The popular talk show was only on for about eight minutes when the hosts were abruptly cut off. A breaking news segment took over the screen, showing President Joe Biden at a press conference.

Biden was addressing the ongoing protests that have been happening around the United States on college campuses. Students have been pushing for there to be a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. They have also called for their universities to cut all ties with Israel and companies supporting the war in Gaza.

These protests have taken place at Columbia University, George Washington University, UCLA, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Arizona.

Joy Behar - YouTube/The View
YouTube/The View

Fifteen minutes after the show was interrupted, The View returned. The co-hosts were speaking with Jeff Daniels, the special guest for the day. Although the break was brief, fans were outraged.

One disgruntled viewer wrote, “Seriously ABC? Do we REALLY need y’all to break into the show?? I hate when the news breaks into a tv show, but I hate when reporters explain what was said to us even more! Many of us have common sense and can understand what was said!”

A second fan wanted to know, “Why do they always get interrupted???” Another person chimed in, “We really didn’t need that break in programming today.”

Not to mention, this isn’t the first time that fans of The View have been upset over a schedule change recently.

Fans Upset Over Repeat Episodes For ‘Spring Break’

From April 22 through April 28, there were old episodes of The View aired on television. Many people were upset that there were no episodes coming on. On top of that, the April 19 episode was pre-recorded.

This was due to a planned break for the show. Each year, the hosts of the show go on “spring break.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin - YouTube/The View
YouTube/The View

All of the ladies at The View returned to their regular spots at the table this week, but fans were still shocked by such a long break.

“What a gig these women have. More vacation days than you can count. @theview #theview,” one viewer tweeted on X.  Another person commented on the replayed episodes, “Already saw this [episode]. Off to do chores.” Several others took to social media to groan over the reruns as well.

Luckily for fans, The View is back to its regular schedule, barring any more breaking news reports.

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