Schwartz & Sandy’s Won’t Play ‘The Valley’ And Diss Jax Taylor

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s bar will not play The Valley and dissed Jax Taylor. Schwartz, Sandoval, and Taylor used to be on Vanderpump Rules together until Jax was fired. The three have never gotten along the best due to Jax and his drama. He recently came back for an episode and he and Tom Sandoval were seen bickering. Now their bar refuses to play his new show.

Schwartz & Sandy’s Goes Under

The Tom’s bar has not been doing good since Scandoval. No one wants to support Tom Sandoval and refuses to go there. However, this has also affected Tom Schwartz, who has done nothing wrong. The bar usually does not have more than ten people in there at one time. They stopped serving food after 10 pm. They also had to cut down the number of workers they had. It is safe to say the bar is not doing too well. They may be upside down in the finance department now. However, they have started to gain a lot more business on Tuesday nights when they have a Vanderpump Rules viewing party.

Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Dapper Suits [Source: Tom Schwartz - Instagram]
[Source: Tom Schwartz – Instagram]

Jax Taylor Dissed At The Bar

After the episode on Tuesday night, Tom Schwartz gave customers an option. 

“The Valley or music?”

The customers did not want to watch the spinoff and chanted:

 “Music, music!”

Tom Schwartz turned down the volume on the TV and turned-on music. However, he kept the show airing and had subtitles turned on. After VPR ended, the number of people in the bar declined dramatically. There were less than ten people in there shortly after 10 pm. This is unfortunate because the business does not close down until midnight. Tom Sandoval was not there due to him being on tour. So, it was up to Tom Schwartz to get people to stay. However, people did not want to watch Jax Taylor’s show and quickly went home. Jax Taylor may not have as many supporters as he once thought he did. He continues to receive hate.

The Valley-Bravo
The Valley-Bravo

It seems anyone who goes in the bar to watch VRP does not want to watch Jax’s show after. This was not necessarily Tom Schwartz refusing to play the show, but he did give the option to diss it. Not many people stayed after watching VPR and the bar only seems to be doing good on Tuesday nights. How do you feel about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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