Tom Sandoval Named ‘Smallest Man Who Ever Lived’ By Swifties

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Tom Sandoval has officially been named the “Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” by Swifties. This is about Taylor Swift’s new song and Tom Sandoval’s affair. Tom messed up his entire life when he decided to have an affair with Rachel Leviss. Ariana Madix was his girlfriend for almost ten years and was torn apart. Fans think this new song is perfectly fitting for Tom from Ariana’s perspective. Madix is a Swiftie after all.

Ariana Madix Finally Gets Place Of Her Own

Ariana Madix has been living in the same house as her ex-boyfriend since they split. The two split over a year ago and could not agree on the house they shared. Neither of them would budge, but it seems they finally came to a conclusion and Ariana bought herself a new home.

“She closed on the home last week and is starting to move all of her belongings in now, she is so excited to have a fresh start in a new space, away from Tom.”

Now she can do as she pleases without having to worry about someone else in the home. She can even spend more time with her boyfriend, Daniel Wai in private.

Ariana Madix-YouTube
Ariana Madix-YouTube

Tom Sandoval Dissed By Swifties

Taylor Swift recently came out with her new album. Fans rushed to make edits and compared one song to Scandoval. The edit shows clips of Ariana and Tom being happy together in their relationship. It then goes to their breakup and Tom being with Rachel. Fans think this song fits perfectly from Ariana’s point of view and names Tom the “Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”.

“And I don’t miss what we had but could someone give / A message to the smallest man who ever lived / Were you sent by someone who wanted me dead?” Swift sings. “Did you sleep with a gun underneath our bed? / Were you writing a book? / Were you a sleeper-cell spy? In fifty years will all this be declassified? / And you’ll confess why you did it / And I’ll say good riddance / ‘Cause it wasn’t sexy once it wasn’t forbidden,” the song continues. “I would’ve died for your sins / Instead I just died inside / And you deserve prison but you won’t get time.”

It seems that fans will never be on Tom Sandoval’s side, and no one can blame them. The time has come when Taylor Swift and Bravo meet due to the fans. Ariana Madix has a big support system and has continued to make great strides in her life since this happened. Fans are excited to see her finally get her place and away from Tom. Do you think the song reference is fitting? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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