Why Blake Shelton Is Trying To Get Ahold Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift And Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton recently revealed why he has been trying to get ahold of Taylor Swift. Taylor started off her music career singing in the country genre. This is how she and Blake know each other, and who doesn’t know of Taylor Swift? She is one of the biggest artists in the world and has a huge fan base. Keep reading to find out why country music star, Blake Shelton, is trying to get ahold of the famous pop singer.

Taylor Swift Goes On The Voice

Taylor Swift has going on The Voice in previous years. She appeared on the seventh and seventeenth seasons of the show. Taylor was an advisor and a mentor on the singing competition. Viewers enjoyed watching her help out newer artists. Swift appeared on the show when Blake Shelton was still one of the coaches. They know each other through that, but also because of Taylor Swift’s time in the country music genre. That is where she started until she transitioned into the pop genre. She has continued to be successful and now Blake is trying to get ahold of her.

Taylor Swift Performs ME! [Taylor Swift | YouTube]
[Taylor Swift | YouTube]

Why Blake Shelton Is Trying To Get Ahold Of Her

It seems Blake is trying to get ahold of Taylor to see if she will make an appearance at one of his bars. 

“You don’t expect there to be this country music honky tonk right here on the strip, but it’s here and it feels like it’s here to stay… It really does feel like you’ve stepped in through a portal and you’re in Nashville when you come through the doors, which is so perfect for Las Vegas because country music has always had a place here… I think it’s gonna be great for the country music industry to have this home base here in Vegas. We’ve got a couple of letters I’ve written sent to the town that she lives in, hoping she’ll get them,”

Blake Shelton - The Voice - YouTube
Blake Shelton – The Voice – YouTube

It seems Blake thinks Taylor would do good things for his business. Which is more than likely true. However, Taylor may not be able to make an appearance due to her crazy schedule. She is going back on tour this month and is going to be going nonstop. She also has to find time for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. However, this is not stopping Blake from trying anyway. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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