Travis Kelce Gives Expensive Gifts To Taylor Swift: Album Release

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Travis Kelce recently spent a big amount of money on his girlfriend, Taylor Swift. He wanted to celebrate her releasing her 11th album today. This means he did something really special for her and fans know she will be grateful for it. Taylor has worked hard on this album and there are a lot of emotions to process on the new album. Travis recognizes the big deal this is for her and wants to congratulate her with gifts.

Taylor Swift Works Hard On Album

Taylor Swift released her 11th album today. It is called The Tortured Poets Department. There are a lot of different emotions to unwrap in the album. Taylor originally released 16 songs but released 15 more at two in the morning. She threw a lot of shade at several people. Matt Healy, Joe Alwyn, and Kim Kardashian were the main ones. She also mentioned her new boyfriend Travis Kelce in some of the songs. Fans are relating to the album in their sad ways. Taylor even has a song on the album about her going on the tour while being heartbroken and pushing through for her fans and herself.

Taylor Swift's new album The Tortured Poets Department. - Instagram
Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department. – Instagram

Travis Kelce Gives Expensive Gifts

Travis Kelce wanted to celebrate Taylor Swift and her new album. He spent $27,000 on gifts for her. To start off, he ordered 11 flower deliveries for the day since it was her 11th album. He also bought her a bracelet and earrings that were $5,600 and $4,800. He also bought her a Chanel dress that was $9,100. The flowers totaled out to be $7,500 and consisted of all her favorite flowers.

“The idea to have 11 deliveries of flowers throughout the day is a very nice and thoughtful idea, she will have tons of flowers for the next few days in her house, that is going to be a sea of flowers for her, she loves them so much.”

Fans love how thoughtful Travis is.

Taylor Swift unveils song titles just as Travis Kelce walks to the podium. - Instagram
Taylor Swift unveils song titles just as Travis Kelce walks to the podium. – Instagram

It seems that Travis is proud of Taylor and wants to celebrate her accomplishments. When he spent a total of $27,000, you know he loves her. He is even ready to start a family with her. Fans love watching this relationship unfold and cannot wait to see how much better it gets. Fans will be streaming the new album all the time and it is already super popular amongst many. What do you think? Are you shocked he spent so much on her? Sound off in the comments below.

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