‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Noah & Rhain Brown Pregnant With Baby #3?

Noah and Rhain Brown

Noah and Rhain Brown seemingly shared exciting news on social media today. The couple posted a video on Instagram that has fans sending congratulations and well wishes. Are the Alaskan Bush People stars expecting baby number three? Keep reading to find out.

Noah & Rhain Brown Share Ultrasound Pics Online

In the clip posted to Noah’s Instagram, the couple posed with a large poster board that has a sonogram attached to the front. It is surrounded by flowers and butterflies. At the top, it reads “Coming Next Spring” and at the bottom, it confirms, “Our New Baby.”

Fans were quick to comment on the post, sharing their well wishes with the couple. “Wooo hooo!!!!! Congrats you guys!! Such a blessing!!” one person wrote. Another person commented, “Awwwwww congratulations to you!”

If fans watched the video without sound, however, this looks like a baby announcement from Noah and Rhain Brown. Sound on, it tells a different heart-warming story.

Noah and Rhain Brown - Instagram
Instagram/Noah Brown

Noah shared that they are helping his mom, Ami Brown, clear some things out of her home. That is when they stumbled upon a wonderful memory that they wanted to share with followers.

Evidently, the poster board is what the ABP couple used to announce that they were expecting baby Eli. Ami Brown kept the poster all this time.


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Rhain Brown pointed out that it must have meant a lot to Ami for her to keep it so long. At the end of the video, she thanked Noah’s mother for taking such good care of it. Now they have a keepsake they didn’t even know existed.

Holding the poster board, the couple shared a sweet kiss before the clip cut off.

Noah Showed A Heartfelt Moment With His Mom

Noah Brown recently shared another video on Instagram showing a tender moment where he made a huge sacrifice for his mom. Sitting around a fire with his mom, wife, and Bam Brown, Noah made the decision to cut his “tail.”

The “tail” refers to the hair that he has left uncut. Usually, Noah Brown wore this hair tied back in a braid. His father used to upkeep the top part and let him grow the “tail” portion.

Noah Brown - Instagram
Instagram/Noah Brown

As a sign of respect for his father’s memory, he cut off his tail. Ami and Rhain Brown were visibly emotional in the clip. At one point, Ami is dabbing tears from her eyes as Noah slices through his hair with a Damascus steel blade.

Afterward, everyone sitting around the fire sat in silence for a moment to pay their respects to Billy Brown. Noah acknowledged his dad’s presence by patting the box next to him, which held Billy’s ashes.

He handed his mother the hair that he cut from his head and they shared a hug. Rhain Brown held back her tears sitting behind her husband.

You can stream Alaskan Bush People on Discovery+.

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