Travis Kelce Takes Big Pay Cut When Signing Show Host Contract

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Travis Kelce seemed to take a big pay cut when signing his contract for the new show he is going to host. Kelce will be hosting, Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity? This will be a spinoff of the hit show, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? Fans were ecstatic to hear that Travis would be the host of the spinoff. His recent popularity which has come since he started dating Taylor Swift, will bring big ratings to the show.

Travis Kelce Talks Excitement

Travis Kelce is ecstatic at the opportunity he has been given. 

“I grew up loving game shows, and I’m excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons by hosting my very first one with Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? The original show is a great success, so to be bringing a new format with everyone’s favorite celebrities to the screen, will definitely be entertaining. I’m just happy to be on the hosting side of the equation here and excited to see how these famous faces keep up,” 

Maybe he can get his girlfriend, Taylor Swift on the show. That would for sure bring in views.

Travis Kelce - YouTube, Entertainment Tonight

Travis Takes A Big Pay Cut

It seems Travis Kelce took a big pay cut when signing his contract.

“The deal is for two seasons and there’s an option for the third and more if the money is good, he is also working on being one of the producers of the show. He could have commanded a lot more, but he doesn’t care because he loves the show and is excited to host, It’s filming in Los Angeles, so he’ll be working out his schedule. He’ll also be in Europe a lot this summer with Taylor and their families around the Eras tour dates but he’s committed to the project.”

This is due to his signing the contract before his relationship with Taylor Swift became public. The popularity his relationship has brought would have made the paycheck bigger.

Travis Kelce / YouTube

It seems that Travis Kelce would have been paid more if he signed the contract after his relationship became public. However, Travis does not seem to care and is just happy he got the opportunity. Fans are excited to watch him on the show and see even more of his personality off the field. It seems he wants to dabble in Hollywood more and this is the perfect start. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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