Taylor Swift Is Seen Apologizing To Travis Kelce At Coachella

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Taylor Swift was seen apologizing to her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at this year’s Coachella. Fans are constantly eyeing the couple as they are the talk lately. Taylor is as famous as ever and she is bringing Travis up there with her. Travis and Taylor have been dating for several months and are constantly being seen out in public. They do not mind PDA and neither do fans as they get to see how much they like each other.

Taylor Swift Is A Busy Woman

Taylor Swift has been a busy woman lately. She is currently touring for her Eras Tour and is doing international dates. Her boyfriend, Travis, has been traveling with her when he can and continues to support her. The two recently went on a trip to the Bahamas during their time off. Not only this, but she is releasing a new album this Friday. She has been a busy woman when it comes to her career. Even Travis’s teammate, Patrick, let people know that Taylor is always working, and her brain is always coming up with something new.

Taylor Swift-YouTube
Taylor Swift-YouTube

She Apologizes To Travis

A professional lip reader recently let people know that she thinks Taylor apologized to Travis for being drunk at Coachella. However, before that, she accidentally introduced Travis to someone he had already met before. In her defense, she knows a lot of people.

 “That was the best thing that’s happened tonight. Sorry, I’m drunk,”

However, Kelce did not seem to care. It is unknown what he replied to her considering his face was down by her shoulder. However, Kelce is a known partier, and no one would imagine him being upset about something like that. They are at a music festival enjoying their lives. It seems they had a good time when it comes to support their friends. They were there to see people like Sabrina Carpenter, Ice Spice, Jack Antonoff, and Lana Del Ray. All are good friends of Swift and constantly support her.

Taylor Swift unveils song titles just as Travis Kelce walks to the podium. - Instagram
Taylor Swift unveils song titles just as Travis Kelce walks to the podium. – Instagram

It seems she simply had too much to drink and was apologizing to her boyfriend for it. Travis did not seem to mind and continued to dance and be cozy with her the rest of the night. The couple seemed to enjoy their night listening to some close friends. Fans cannot wait to hear Taylor’s new album which drops this Friday. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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