The Real Reason Giada De Laurentiis Quit Food Network

Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis was one of the most recognized faces on the Food Network for a long time. Recently, the popular TV personality talked about why she left, along with the uncertainty that followed. So, what did she have to say?

Giada De Laurentiis Was A Staple On The Food Network

As longtime Food Network viewers know, Giada De Laurentiis was one of the faces of the network for a long time. Along with other Food Network icons like Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri, Emeril, and more, Giada was a big part of building the network into what it is today.

Her take on classic Italian recipes was a big hit with viewers from the very beginning. Eventually, this translated into travel shows, competition shows, and sitting on the judging panel as well. She was an instrumental part of the Food Network family, which only made her departure that much more shocking.

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Giada Quit The Food Network

Giada De Laurentiis and the Food Network were the perfect match for more than 20 years. Whether it was new episodes or re-runs of older shows, viewers could always count on seeing Giada, her signature smile, and her take on Italian food in some fashion.

So, when the popular TV personality decided to walk away from the network, many of her biggest fans did not expect it. Giada is no stranger to switching things up. She started with her show, Everyday Italian. As the years progressed, she would do something slightly different to keep things as fresh as her ingredients and her recipes.

However, even though she has flipped the script before, many of her biggest fans did not expect her to ditch the network entirely.

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Giada De Laurentiis Reveals The Real Reason Why She Quit

Giada De Laurentiis recently opened up on why she finally decided to leave the Food Network, a place that had been her home for more than two decades.

Speaking of switching up her show ideas to keep things fresh, Giada said: “I was lucky enough to be at a period of time at Food Network where that was okay and they were open to those kinds of suggestions because the landscape hadn’t really been fully discovered yet, and so I think they were just more open to the talent.”

Even though she doesn’t say it directly, one can infer from Giada’s statement that the network may not have been as open to or as flexible with her ideas and suggestions as they once were. In this aspect, it makes sense for De Laurentiis to leave the network like she did, especially if she was starting to feel stifled creatively.

Giada De Laurentiis ultimately left the network in February 2023. It also didn’t take long for Amazon Studios to sign her to a multi-year production deal. So, even though there was some uncertainty after she left, she seems to have a new path already opening up for her.

It will be interesting to see what kind of content she produces for them in the future, especially if they give her the green light to make the type of content that speaks to her.

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