Joey Graziadei’s IV Treatment Raises Alarm Among Fans

Joey Graziadei/Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram

Bachelor fans expressed concern for Joey Graziadei’s yellow eyes during the show. His latest post revealing IV treatment alarms fans again.

Joey Graziadei Explains Yellow Eyes

Bachelor Nation fans watched Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor very closely. So closely that they noticed his eyes had a yellow tinge. His eyes were such a big topic on social media that the reality star felt he had to address the situation.

Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

He assured fans that he did know his eyes looked yellow. Joey further revealed that he has Gilbert syndrome. He was diagnosed with the health issue during high school. The mild liver disorder can cause signs of jaundice, which is the yellowing of eyes and skin.

Bachelor Star & Fiance Head To Stagecoach

Joey Graziadei and his fiance, Kelsey Anderson, have been living their best lives since they went public with their romance. They were among the Bachelor Nation alums attending the Stagecoach festival this weekend in California.

Kelsey took to her Instagram to post a photo of her and Joey in cowboy-themed get-ups for the music fest.

Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: Kelsey Anderson Instagram
Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson/Credit: Kelsey Anderson Instagram

Joey Graziadei’s IV Treatment Raises Alarm Among Fans

It seems that Joey and Kelsey may have had a little too much fun at the music event. Joey shared a photo on his Instagram of him getting a fluids through an IV.

Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram
Credit: Joey Graziadei Instagram

The optional IV treatment is often used to curtail the effects of drinking alcohol and prevent hangovers. However, some Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to express concern over Joey Graziadei’s health.

The OP (original poster) called out the reality star for promoting an unnecessary medical procedure that could lead to infections or worse. Others agreed that IV therapy is a bad idea.

  • I hate this trend sooo much.
  • It’s crazy this is a thing! I do wonder if it has anything to do with his liver function/issues that he mentioned because people were talking about his eyes yellow hue when he brought it up. Who knows, just hoping he wouldn’t just from drinking too much!
  • I hate how ppl think paying for an iv is a flex. Its not. You just drank too much & need a gatorade.
  • As someone who has been severely sick and requiring many IVs to live… What privilege to just slap an IV in due to self induced dehydration from alcohol.
  • This practice is so dumb. OP is right about it being a risk for causing a blood infection.

What do you think of Joey Graziadei’s IV treatment at the Stagecoach festival? Sound off in the comments.

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