‘Abbott Elementary’ Fans Are Sick Of Schedule Changes

Abbott Elementary - YouTube/ABC

Fans of the ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary are up in arms after the network took another break from airing the show. Viewers are demanding that ABC stop with the “shenanigans” and get back to a regular schedule. Keep reading to see when you can expect Abbott Elementary to return to TV.

Quinta Brunson Teases Two Good Final Episodes

There are still two more episodes left in Season 3 of Abbott Elementary. Like many other shows, it has gone on a brief hiatus and will be airing a shorter season than normal. This is due to the strikes in Hollywood last year that put a pause on writing and filming.

Approximately three weeks ago, an Instagram account for the beloved comedy show announced that it would be taking a break. The photo shared was a calendar marked “No School” on April 24.

Quinta Brunson, who plays the role of Janine Teagues on the show, took to the comment section to speak with Abbott Elementary fans. She told everyone to be patient, writing, “Gonna be two great episodes, though, I bet. Right guys?” along with a happy face emoji.

Abbott Elementary - YouTube/ABC

“Here I was, with dinner and all, ready to watch a new Abbott Elementary episode and there is none [sad face emoji],” one upset fan commented. “We’ve told you about these lengthy breaks, Quinta,” another person joked. 

Abbott Elementary Fans Are Tired Of The Long Hiatuses

A number of people took to social media to air their grievances with the network for the blunt scheduling change. One critic wrote on X, “I just realized Abbott Elementary is having another d*mn break!”

“Another flipping break! Sigh! Yet another Wednesday without a new #AbbottElementary episode!” another fan complained on X. “You all take too many damn breaks! This skip-a-week shenanigans must be stopped,” a third person wrote. “Honestly, I’m over #AbbottElementary with these d*mn breaks! Why is that?” yet another person chimed in.

Abbott Elementary - YouTube/ABC

This isn’t the first time this season that viewers have been angry over the major scheduling change. At the end of March, Abbott Elementary, The Connersand Not Dead Yet all took a break. Each show had multiple weeks where no new episodes aired. Only reruns were shown until Wednesday, April 10, and the return of each program was short-lived.

“Aye! #AbbottElementary comes on Bi-Weekly now!?!? What the hell is the tea!?” one disappointed fan wrote on social media.

The 10th episode of Season 3 aired in mid-April and it has been revealed that fans will have to wait until next month for the show’s return.

Abbott Elementary‘s next new episode is slated to air Wednesday, May 1. It will run at its regular time, 9 p.m. EST, on ABC.

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