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‘Abbott Elementary’ Shatters Record — Must Watch ABC Comedy Sitcom?

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Abbott Elementary is a newcomer on the ABC network that premiered just last month. The newcomer, however, has quickly shattered ABC’s rating records and become a must-watch comedic sitcom. What exactly is Abbott Elementary about? What kind of rating records did it shatter for the network? Keep reading for all the details.


What is Abbott Elementary about?

As the name suggests, the comedy is about an elementary school. Abbott Elementary is told from the point of view of the teachers along with the selfish, tone-deaf principal. There are two different cliques of teachers within the series. The first group of teachers are the older and seasoned teachers who have a lot of years of teaching under their belt. The second group are the new, fresh, and young teachers.

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The elementary school the series is about is underfunded and creates some real struggles for this group of teachers. The series presents an interesting dynamic on how new teachers handle things compared to how seasoned teachers handle things. Likewise, the series paints a comedic spotlight on teachers being underpaid and undervalued members of society that are forced to resolve situations on their own.

The core cast list of the series includes Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, Chris Perfetti, Lisa Ann Walter, and Sheryl Lee Ralph. ABC viewers have quickly dubbed the series as a “must watch” for anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

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What ABC records did the newcomer shatter?

According to DeadlineAbbott Elementary is the first ABC comedy sitcom to quadruple its ratings since its premiere. The outlet reveals that 35 days into the premiere of this series, the ratings jumped 300 percent. This kind of jump in ratings is something ABC has never seen with a comedy sitcom before.

For those who have fallen in love with this ABC sitcom, this explosion of new viewers is great news. As long as the ratings continue to climb (or level out where they are now) the network is extremely likely to renew the series for Season 2.

Have you had a chance to watch Abbott Elementary on ABC yet? If not, previous episodes are available to stream via Hulu. This sitcom has quickly earned the label of “must watch” as viewers everywhere agree anyone with a love for comedic sitcoms needs to give it a chance. If you have checked out this ABC sitcom, let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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  1. I love this show!!!!!!! It’s very funny while still focusing on the problems our teacher’s face every day. Bless our teachers !!!!!

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