Travis Kelce Reveals How He Has Become A Romantic

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Travis Kelce recently revealed how he has become a romantic. This seems to have happened since he started dating Taylor Swift. Travis has gained a lot of fans since he started dating the singer. People watch his every move and are rooting for Taylor and Travis to work out. She even released a new album with a couple of songs fans believe to be about him. Keep reading to find out more.

Travis Kelce Makes Moves

Travis Kelce made his move on Taylor Swift after she performed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Missouri. He has recently said he does not know how he got her, she did not like sports before. However, she has been seen supporting Travis at his football games and living her best life. The two recently went to the Bahamas together and have enjoyed their time together while they both have a break from work. The two also went to Coachella to support some of their friends like Sabrina Carpenter, Ice Spice, Lana Del Ray, and Jack Antonoff. Fans love watching their relationship grow and cannot wait to see where it goes.

He Becomes A Romantic

Travis Kelce recently revealed that he likes Hallmark movies. People know that these movies are full of cheesy romance. 

“Are you a Hallmark guy, Trav?”

Travis replied:

“I dabble now, yeah,”

Fans gave their thoughts.

“Just before Tay he said he never watched TV or films anymore 😭 and we thought Taylor would be forcing him to see [highbrow], artistic indies, nope. It’s Hallmark movies and Love is Blind.”

Fans cannot deny that this was more than likely Taylor’s doing and they are not mad about it. This is the happiest fans have seen Taylor. Travis has even started talking about having kids with Taylor and fans love it. A lot of people would like to see the two get married and start a family.

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It seems that he has started to like romance movies. This is more than likely due to Taylor. He is not afraid to admit it and fans admire that. Travis is going to pick football back up in July. However, until then he more than likely will be supporting Taylor on her tour. She starts back in May and fans cannot wait to see if she has anything in store after her album release. What do you think about it all? Sound off in the comments below.

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