Whoopi Goldberg Admits She Is Bored Talking About Travis Kelce

Whoopi Goldberg, The View

While power couple, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, are often swirling through the news, Whoopi Goldberg is ready to snooze on Travis. During a segment of The View, Whoopi talks about boredom with a hot topic over Travis and his online actions.

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Talking About Travis Kelce’s Actions Is Boring

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, the panel was discussing one controversial topic over Travis Kelce. While Travis is usually in the news for football or association with his pop icon girlfriend, Taylor Swift, now he’s getting political. Specifically, the subject at hand was Travis’ recent “liking” of an Instagram post by reporter Sage Steele. Within the post Sage is shaking hands with Donald Trump at a UFC event. While discussing, some of the panelist were getting pumped up about the interaction. However, Whoopi Goldberg was not showing much interest. Notably, Sara Haines catches Whoopi’s disinterest and jokingly comments, “She’s bored.”

Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube, The View
Whoopi Goldberg – YouTube – The View

Whoopi Thinks There Are More Important Topics

Undeniably, Whoopi wasn’t all that into the topic. In response to being called out for boredom, she says, “I am.” Then adds, “It’s quite possible that none of this is important.” Seemingly agreeing, the audience erupts into applause. Whoopi continues, “It occurred to them, ‘Why is is everybody so upset?’” Furthermore, she adds about people worrying about Travis Kelce, “You got bills to pay! Why are you paying all that attention to what he’s doing? He’s not paying your rent and he don’t care what you think! How about that?”

Travis Kelce, New Heights - YouTube
Travis Kelce, New Heights – YouTube

Alyssa Farah Griffin Discusses Travis Kelce As A Possible Endorsement

But Alyssa Farah Griffin a former Trump White House aide gave her thoughts on the matter. While some people worry Travis Kelce might be a potential endorsement for Trump, she has a different take. “They really want to find celebrities who are with them,” Alyssa said. “I hate to break the news to them. He’s advocated for stricter gun control, he was literally the face of the COVID vaccine telling people to get the vaccine. A good thing, by the way. He kneeled during the national anthem. I don’t think you sniffed him out as a secret Trump supporter.”

Sunny Hostin Gives Travis Kelce Some Slack

When Sunny Hostin chimes in, she has a different thoughts. “I have a theory, I think this was an accidental ‘like.’” Then she elaborates, “Everybody’s been up late at night scrolling. I tend to purchase items off of Instagram late at night. But I think he may have been scrolling.” Furthermore, discussing the post having to do with “great friends” Sage met, Sunny throws him a bone. She says, “Sage Steele was an important sports reporter on ESPN.” Hostin continues, “They probably met through ESPN. [Kelce] was like, ‘Oh, look at Sage!’”

Travis Kelce’s Actions Bring Up A Deeper Issue

However, The View conversation went further than just Travis Kelce liking a post. Sunny Hostin brings up a much bigger issue. She says, “I hate this ‘cancel by association.’” Then she adds, “If you’ve had a picture in your 45-year life with someone that said [something controversial], then you’re an awful human being. That is not humanity. That is not what we learned from our parents, that is not what we learned from church. This is a crazy time we’re living in.”

Sunny Hostin, The View, YouTube
Sunny Hostin, The View – YouTube

Differences Make You Stronger

Furthermore, Alyssa Farah Griffin makes a valid point about Travis Kelce or anyone for that matter. She says, “You can have friendships with people who you don’t agree with directly politically.” When people find ways to connect and understand each other, it makes them stronger. Additionally, Sarah Haines agrees people should hear each other out. She says, “Oh, God, please!” Then discusses the headache of not listening to people who disagree with you. She says, “Think about how much disagreement there is in the world. If you had to vet every single person by completely monoliths of beliefs, it’d be boring and it’s impossible.”

What do you think about Travis Kelce’s online actions? Is it a sign of something bigger that he liked Sage’s post? Is Whoopi Goldberg right that there are better things to be talking about? Do you think Sarah and Alyssa made a good point that it is important to diversify conversations and have friends with differing beliefs? Are you enjoying The View‘s topics? Drop your comments below.

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