Fans Disgusted Over Gabby Windey’s Recent ‘Bully’ Move

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Former Bachelorette lead, Gabby Windey, 33, gets more criticism as a “bully” since she and Erich Schwer split. While he wasn’t a fan favorite, many Bachelor Nation viewers now feel that he seems to have dodged a bullet. Instead of being a nurturing nurse, critics point fingers at her and claim that reality TV went to her head and she’s become “entitled.” Read on to find out what upset ABC fans this time.

Gabby Windey Gets Slammed For Bad Behavior

When the ICU nurse from the University of Colorado Hospital first appeared on the ABC show, fans thought she might be a kind and nurturing person. After all, she had been the co-winner of a humanitarian award for her service during the pandemic. However, many people now believe that The Bachelor, Clayton Echard, and her ex-fiance, Erich Schwer both dodged a bullet.

Gabby Windey via Insta 8
Former Bachelorette Gabby Windey – Instagram

Gabby Windey and her girlfriend, Robby Hoffman disappointed Bachelor Nation fans recently because they think that the couple behaved badly on a plane. Their behavior has led many to admit they unfollowed the former Bachelorette. On the plane, the couple wanted to sit together, but there was a person seated between them. So, they laughed about making that person’s entire journey uncomfortable. Now, she’s done it again.

The Bachelorette Is Accused Of Being A ‘Bully’

Some ABC fans liked it when they found out that Robby’s girlfriend went to a theater in London, and when she stepped outside, she discovered that the paparazzi were not there for her. A bit of a bringdown wasn’t a bad thing they felt. More often, people complain that the Bachelor Nation alum acts like reality TV went to her head. Now,many fans are upset because, on social media, she shared a photo of a random guy at a spa and didn’t hide his face. But, on Reddit, an angry follower did the decent thing.

Gabby Windey - Instagram via Reddit
Gabby Windey – Instagram via Reddit

The discussion about Gabby Windey started when the OP said:

Gabby Windey posts a “funny” photo of a random man on her Instagram to her 1M followers (face sensored by me). I hate posts like this. It’s so unfair and rude to that man. I’ve censored his face.

ABC fans agreed that it wasn’t right to take photos of people and then mock them on social media. The unsuspecting man was just at a spa, enjoying a waterfall. Gabby captioned the photo saying, “How do men figure tho.” Later, she also claimed that she didn’t know him.

An Entitled Bully?

In the comments, Bachelor Nation fans slammed Gabby Windey for the photo and for taking it in the first place:

  • I think what’s wild about this is that it just seems like the guy is enjoying this waterfall thing? Like his eyes aren’t even open.
  • People who record or take pictures of strangers who are just minding their business out in public s-ckkkk.
  • Can’t stand her or Robby. They are childish, rude, entitled. I don’t understand how I ever liked her enough to follow her. Just another mean girl hiding behind “humor.”
  • I assumed that was her friend! She really shouldn’t post photos of people without their consent. 😒
  • To me, that’s just bully behavior. And this has been a repeated pattern of Gabby’s for a while now and Robby has always made insult humor her schtick.
Gabby Windey Comments Via Reddit
Gabby Windey Comments Via Reddit

What are your thoughts about Gabby Windey posting a photo of a random man at a spa on her social media? Do you think that she has become an entitled bully? Or is it just her sense of humor? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelorette news.

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