How Is Jenn Tran’s ‘Bachelorette’ Different From Others?

Bachelorette Season 21 brings some differences for Jenn Tran’s edition compared to previous shows. The most obvious difference is that she’s the first Asian lead on ABC. Rachel Lindsay, the first Black lead on the show felt that it was about time for more diversity.

One Difference Is That Jenn Tran Won’t Film In The Bachelor Mansion

When Joey Graziadei sent Jenn home from The Bachelor, ABC fans immediately suspected that she would be the first Asian lead in the season after Charity Lawson. Still, it was only when the news arrived that Daisy Kent wouldn’t be the next lead, that Jenn was confirmed. So, Bachelor Nation fans can tick off that difference. Of course, many fans felt thrilled for her, but not everyone felt she was the ideal candidate.

Jenn Tran Announced As The Bachelorette -ABC
Jenn Tran Was Announced As The Bachelorette -ABC

Jenn Tran won’t film in the usual Bachelor Mansion for The Bachelorette. Her elimination came not far off when fans heard that The Golden Bachelorette would go ahead. So, some fans suspected that the mansion might be used for the senior edition of the show. At the same time, 9-1-1 filmed a crossover special at the old mansion to celebrate moving to ABC. Whatever the reason, Jenn’s season won’t be filmed there for the first time since the show’s inception.

Bachelorette Filming Started In California, But Also Films Overseas

Instead of the old mansion, the season started filming in Santa Susana, California at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch. However, the show will move overseas. Here’s another first coming up for the next ABC season. The contestants and the lead will film in New Zealand. In fact, Reality Steve claimed that most of her season will take place filming there and in Australia. Bachelor Nation fans can expect that hometown dates will film stateside.

Jenn Tran On ABC - YouTube
Jenn Tran On ABC – YouTube

Are there any other firsts for Jenn Tran? Well, yes there is another notable thing to consider. She made a plan to get around studying and filming for The Bachelor. If you don’t know, she still works towards her career goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Not long ago, she shared about her educational studies on her social media and some people wondered how she managed to do that and film. Well, on her Instagram, she explained that the people at the PA school were understanding and put two rotations on hold for her. So, that was another first for a lead on the Bachelorette show.

Apart from that, while it’s not new to see relatives on the show, it is interesting to learn that Aaron Erb, the twin brother of Noah Erb who hooked up with Abigail Heringer, will be one of Jenn’s contestants.

What are your thoughts about the different aspects of the show for Jenn Tran’s season? Are you looking forward to watching her look for love again? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Bachelorette news.

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