Chris Harrison Admits Lying To Peter Weber At ‘Bachelor’ Finale

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Former Bachelor host Chris Harrison had Peter Weber on his Most Dramatic Podcast Ever! podcast and some major tea was spilled. Pilot Pete was very torn during his season of The Bachelor. When it came down to the end and having to propose, he was not sure what to do. He was already in panic mode when Chris told him something that completely destroyed him. Now, Chris is admitting it wasn’t even true. Keep reading to find out more.

Chris Harrison Lied To Peter Weber

Peter Weber appeared on the Most Dramatic Podcast Ever! with Chris Harrison and the two were able to clear the air about a few things. Peter shared with Chris that something he said before his proposal to Hannah Ann Sluss completely destroyed him.

He went on to say, “You wanna know the hardest part I went through [on the show]? Where I was ready to concede, like, I have nothing left to give, strength is gone? [It] was the finale day, when we’re out at that really beautiful setup for the engagement.” He shared that they drove over an hour to the middle of nowhere to set up for this engagement.

Chris said when he arrived Peter was a mess. Peter agreed but said what Chris said next destroyed him. He said, “I know it was good TV, they used it to open up the season. But … You told me that Hannah Ann doesn’t know if she even wants to show up. Doesn’t know if she wants to come.”

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Peter went into more detail saying that he was already feeling pressured, stressed and exhausted so when Chris said that it really made him spiral out of control. Production had to take him to lie down because he almost passed out.

He asked Chris if it was true. Did Hannah Ann really tell him that she doesn’t know if she’s coming? Chris said, “No. 1, she did not tell me. I did not talk to her. A producer would never allow me to talk to her.”

Looking Back At It Now

Peter Weber went on to say that enough time has passed that he can look back at it and no he should never have proposed to Hannah Ann. He admitted he got all caught up in the moment and made the wrong decision.

Of course, fans know he really wanted things with Madison Prewett to work out. However, after trying to reconcile, they were only together a few days past the finale air date.

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