Peter Weber Does Most Amazing Tribute For Late Dog’s Memory

Peter Weber and Tripp via Insta

Bachelor Peter Weber did the most amazing tribute for his late dog. His tribute to Tripp is incredibly unique and shows much Peter loved his fur baby. Keep reading to find out what Peter did to honor Tripp’s memory.

Peter Weber honors late dog’s memory in the most unique way

Bachelor Peter Weber loved his dog, Tripp. They were together for 18 and a half years. He shared the loss of Tripp in early January of this year. He has since posted how much he misses his buddy. Now, he’s done the most amazing thing to honor Tripp.

Peter went to Instagram Stories to share a few photos and a video of his tribute to Tripp. The first thing he posted was a photo of himself with his mom and dad by a tattoo sign that read, “Get a tattoo your family is already disappointed.”

So yes, Peter got a tattoo to honor Tripp. However, it’s not just an ordinary tattoo. Peter sent some of Tripp’s ashes to place in London, England which infuses ashes into tattoo ink. He shared a photo of the bottle and wrote, “The best part about this tattoo is that I sent some of Tripp’s ashes to a company in London called Cremation Ink and they infused his ashes with the ink for me to use. Now I carry Tripp with me everywhere”

Peter shared a short video of the tattoo as well.

Losing Tripp was very difficult

When Tripp passed away, Peter shared the news on Instagram along with a video of some of the memories he has with his beloved dog. He captioned the photo saying, “Trippy, having you by my side for the last 18 and a half years has been the most precious gift of my life. The memories I have with you will be something I’ll cherish in my heart every day till I get to see you again Bubba. The story of a boy and his dog is one of the greatest stories out there and I’m so incredibly lucky to have had my story with you. I promise you’ll live on through me forever. I love you Tripp ❤️”

Peter’s father also commented on the post saying he had tears in his eyes while writing his thoughts. He said Peter and Tripp were closer than twins and Tripp loved him so much. He shared how thankful he was that they all spent Christmas together. Peter’s dad also said that Tripp was running in heaven with all his friends and would be waiting until Peter meets him one day at the “Rainbow Bridge.”

Peter received tons of support from fellow Bachelor alums and fans when Tripp passed away.

What an incredible way to honor Tripp and let his memory live on. What do you think of Peter’s tattoo to honor Tripp? Would you do the same for your beloved dog?


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