Ryan Sutter Misses Home, Soaks Up Quiet Moments

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Bachelorette alum Ryan Sutter shared two heartfelt posts on social media this week. He and his wife Trista Sutter packed up their lives in Vail, Colorado, and made the move to Denver last year. Now, he revealed he really misses home and he’s trying to soak up quiet moments. What else did he share? Keep reading to find out more.

Ryan Sutter Soaks Up Quiet Moments With Kota

Ryan Sutter has had a rough couple of years. Before being diagnosed with Lyme disease, Ryan went through tons of testing all while continuing to feel very sick. When they finally found out what he had, he began some unconventional treatments that have helped him tremendously.

After going through all of that, their family Sophie got sick and passed away. That happened while they were in the process of getting moved to Denver from Vail.

Trista has shared many updates since their life-changing move. Ryan hasn’t said a ton. However, since they adopted their new dog Kota, things seem to be looking up for him again.

Ryan Sutter - Instagram
Ryan Sutter – Instagram

On Instagram, Ryan shared that he went back to Vail with his two children. Trista was out of town filming for Jenn Tran’s season of The Bachelorette. His children had other plans so he and Kota set out to do one of Ryan’s favorite things.

He shared a photo of him and Kota on the mountain in the snow and said,

This just feels right…. Took til closing day to put my skis on this year. Instead of joining the party scene on @vailmtn Kota and I hit up a deserted mountain for a morning skin up – his first ever and one of my favorite pastimes. I miss this place. Truly I do. But life has taken me elsewhere for now so I soak up these beautiful and quiet moments while I can and then move on. Ce la Vie. #life #mountaindog #kotatherescue


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Ryan And The Kids Became Tourists

Ryan Sutter shared that since Max had hockey in Vail they would pack up and go spend the night there. He noted that they became tourists in a town they had lived in for almost 24 years.

This was the first time that Ryan had been back to Vail since they moved. He noted that Kota had never been there before.

The kids did their own thing but Ryan and Kota still had fun and he shared photos from their adventures together.


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What do you think about Ryan’s heartfelt post about going back to Vail?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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