‘Bachelor’ Fans Pray For Ryan Sutter’s Broken Heart

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Ryan Sutter from Bachelor Nation hasn’t had an easy ride in life recently. However, a new post on social media seemed particularly heartbreaking. Trista’s husband struggled for a long time with Lyme disease. But that’s not why he shared a terribly sad video recently.

Ryan Sutter And Trista Have A Sad Time

Trist Rehn Sutter shared on her social media that she and her husband whom she met on The Bachelorette had a doggie named Sophie. After they moved to Denver, Colorado from Vail, things seemed to go wrong. Of course, the couple still love each other deeply, so it’s not a break-up or anything like that that brought them emotional issues.

Earlier this month, Bachelor Nation fans saw that Ryan Sutter shared some very worrying news. On his social media, he explained that their beloved pup, Sophia had gotten a tumor that required its removal, as well as the spleen. Really worried at the time, he felt a bit better when he collected the pup later. Fortunately, the dog seemed to cope with the surgery okay. But more sad news followed.

Trista and Ryan Sutter/Credit: Pickler and Ben YouTube
Trista and Ryan Sutter/Credit: Pickler and Ben YouTube

The Pup Passed Away – Ryan Sutter Is Heartbroken

Sophia never really fully recovered, and needed more surgery. Unfortunately, this time the doggie crossed the rainbow bridge. On October 26, the former Bachelor Nation star took ot his Instagram and shared a heart-shattering, heartbreaking, tear-jerking post about his pup, Sophie. Set to the music of Led Zeppelin’s remastered Stairway to Heaven, the video showed his dog at the top of the stairs. Seeing her dad, her little tail wagged and she smiled that smiley smile that dogs are so good at.

Ryan Sutter said in his caption, “I don’t honestly know if there’s a heaven. But if there is, I want the stairway to it to look exactly like this…” Next, Trista appeared in the comments. She said, “Hi Sophie bear!!! Miss you so much it won’t stop hurting.” Oh wow! There’s so much pain and sadness! People said that the video made them cry. But there is still hope. A follower wrote, “The Bible speaks of animals in heaven- I believe that❤️.”


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Bachelor Nation Fans Grieve For A Dog They Never Met

You don’t need to have ever met Ryan Sutter, Trista, or Sophie to feel the pain. The concept of Heaven and a stairway with lost loved ones at the top sometimes seems to be the only thing that helps people cope with their lives. Possibly, the loss of furbabies strikes hard because of their dedicated and selfless, unconditional love.

One Bachelorette fan said, “All Dogs go to Heaven and I truly believe that we will be with them again, my heart is truly broken for Ryan and Trista, and the kids. Animals come into our lives, they say they are the sweetest HELLO AND THE HARDEST GOODBYES 😭😭😭.”

What do you think about Ryan Sutter’s moving tribute to his pup, Sophie who passed away? If there really is a stairway to Heaven do you also hope it looks like the one in the video? Is your heart breaking for Trista and Ryan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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