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Ken Jennings -Jeopardy!

Recently, Jeopardy! fans got their first taste of Jeopardy! Live On Tour. Although most of the event didn’t disappoint, there were a few snags while getting the show off the ground. But this is just the start of the tour for Ken Jennings, Michael Davies, and Sarah Whitcomb-Foss. Fans can get excited for future stops, but tickets might be difficult to secure.

Jeopardy! Live On Tour

For the first time ever, Jeopardy! is taking the show on the road across the United States. On Friday, the Live On Tour made its debut in New York City. While future dates aren’t available just yet, the seating is limited and the tickets are a hot commodity. However, the inaugural event was well received at the Edge in Hudson Yards. Additionally, it was hosted on the 101st floor overlooking the area. Furthermore, 230 attendees were strategically lined around the small stage. Undoubtedly, starting precisely at 6:30 p.m. as advertised, the Executive Producer, Michael Davies, and producer, Sarah Whitcomb-Foss, took the stage as the show’s emcees.

Michael Davies - YouTube - Jeopardy!
Michael Davies – YouTube – Jeopardy!

Elevating Jeopardy!

Upon the stage were seats for the open panel discussion, sandwiched between two large-screen TV monitors on either end. Offering tribute to former host, Alex Trebek, the opening showed rare photos of him through the years. Additionally, the carousel included the first episode of Jeopardy! with Alex running the show in 1964. Furthermore, playing off the height of the building, the producers joked about their plans to “elevate” Jeopardy with the new tour.

Ken Jennings and Alex Trebek - YouTube - Jeopardy!
Ken Jennings and Alex Trebek – YouTube – Jeopardy!

Attendees Are The First To Know

While the event was a live taping of the Inside Jeopardy! podcast, the attendees were the first to know some exclusive information. Notably, one tidbit shared was new eligibility rules allowing Kids Week, Teen Tournament, and College Jeopardy contestants to re-enter the contestant pool.

Interestingly, Michael Davies teases he has a more “aggressive proposal” for bending the eligibility rules even further. Additionally, he would like to give any past players, including huge champions, the option to re-audition for the nightly show after 10 years. Jokingly, he adds, “We’ll see if I can get it past Sarah or our colleagues at Sony.” But Sarah Whitcomb-Foss isn’t budging currently, responding, “Not yet.”

Jeopardy! Producers Give More Surprising News

During the Live On Tour event, the producers also name Amy Schneider as the last contestant for Masters. Admittedly, Michael Davies says, “We have to acknowledge there were several worthy people. But one person stood above everybody else.” Further explaining their choice, he adds, “I’ve got to believe they can go on that stage in Masters and beat everybody.” Then acknowledges another underlying matter, “Secondly, we’re a TV program. We depend on ratings.” Undeniably, Amy’s built-in following is a strong bonus for her case. Since Amy placed in the bottom three in last year’s Masters and also lost to Victoria Groce in the recent JIT, Jeopardy! fans gave some pushback on the choice.

Along with the producers, the Live On Tour had special guests from the upcoming Masters, contenders: Mattea Roach and Matt Amodio. Admittedly, since last year’s Masters, Matt has been brushing up on his skills. He says, “While I haven’t learned everything I set out to achieve, I feel like a stronger competitor.” Additionally, Celebrity Jeopardy! finalist Katie Nolan came on stage. She comments that Ken Jennings didn’t speak to her backstage and preferred to sit “alone in a corner.”

Last But Not Least

But “loner” Ken Jennings, wasn’t shy when he took the stage. While he was the “last but not least” guest on the agenda, he was welcomed with a standing ovation from the crowd. Undeniably, Michael Davies praises him for “winning the job.” Additionally, he gives him kudos for making it look easy, even though it isn’t. Without a doubt, Mayim Bialik can attest to that. While answering questions, Ken fields one about his hosting challenges. He answers, “I found Final Jeopardy very difficult at first.” Admittedly, he also acknowledges the “endless tournaments” this season weren’t what they had planned. However, one of the best parts he says is “I can enjoy these high-pressure situations stress-free.”

Although there are plenty of stops ahead for the Live On Tour show, each will be unique. For instance, the tour is likely to change up the show stars. In the case of this first event, attendees did not know who would be interviewing before arrival. Sadly, one of the big disappointments for some attendees was the mobile Jeopardy! game was glitching at the event. When playing the multiple-choice competition, the attendees use their phones to interact. However, for Final Jeopardy, attendees could write in their responses. Unfortunately, only one-third of the participants got to log on and try it out.

  • One Reddit fan says, “230 attendees and only 80 of us got to play.”
  • “[Producer] Sarah was pretty upset about it, though, at the happy hour after. I have no doubt they’ll fix it for future events.”
  • “Great event though, and strongly encourage folks in other cities to attend.”
  • “Yes, was there and unable to connect. It was fun to watch, but I was bummed we couldn’t participate because their program couldn’t handle it.”
  • “All in all a very fun time, though.”
Jeopardy! fans give feedback about the Live On Tour event. - Reddit
Jeopardy! fans give feedback about the Live On Tour event. – Reddit

Jeopardy! Live On Tour Is Selling Fast!

All in all, the event was fabulous. According to The Sun, during the event, guests could visit a corner bar with Jeopardy! themed “Potent Potables.” Furthermore, exclusive merchandise was available for purchase. Likewise, fans were in for a treat because the star contestants stayed around after to mingle with everyone. For this event, tickets were $40 for general admission, $60 for premium (which offered a tote bag), and $200 for VIP. Included in the VIP package was an after-party with the contestants. Although the new dates aren’t available yet, Jeopardy! fans will want to be ready to go because the New York City show sold out in a matter of minutes.

What do you think about Jeopardy! Live On Tour event? Do you plan to catch one across the US? Drop your thoughts below.

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