‘Bachelor’ Kelsey Anderson Trolls Joey Graziadei

Kelsey Anderson

On The Bachelor, Joey Graziadei told Kelsey Anderson that her “infectious” attitude made him “smile,” and now she’s playfully trolling him. Actually, many ABC fans enjoyed their journey on the dating show because they always looked so happy together. And, plenty of them think that she’s a lucky girl to have found his smile.

Kelsey Anderson And Joey Graziadei Share Fun Times

The Bachelor couple share a lot about their lives and most of it seems very sweet. Some of their content on TikTok entertains ABC fans because they are cute and very loving. Probably, it’s just as well that things seem to go well for them. After all, Bachelor Nation took a big hit when the Golden Bachelor couple, Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner split after three months of marriage.

Joey Graziadei proposes to Kelsey Anderson - Bachelor - YouTube
Joey Graziadei proposes to Kelsey Anderson – Bachelor – YouTube

Kelsey Anderson and Joey opened up about their honeymoon plans soon after they became engaged. Certainly, it seems as if neither of them entertains any doubt about each other. While they plan for a long engagement, ABC fans know that they both want to settle down and raise a family after they get married. He also showed his commitment when he seemingly moved to New Orleans.


24 hours in LA 💗@Joey Graziadei

♬ original sound – Kelsey Anderson

Bachelor Joey Graziadei Gets Trolled

Joey started the trolling on Instagram stories by saying, “Someone needs to arrest this woman.” And. his fiance replied by saying, “THIS Y’ALLS BACHELOR?” In her photo, he looked a bit rumpled as if he’d just gotten out of bed. Well, that’s the sweet couple that Bachelor Nation fans like to see. They are young, in love, and able to joke with each other.

Kelsey and Joey Graziadei troll each other - via Reddit
Kelsey and Joey Graziadei troll each other – via Reddit

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei’s post made it to Reddit, where it was well-received by ABC fans. The OP captioned the screenshot with:

Kelsey and Joey trolling each other is so cute.

In the discussion, a lot of people wondered if Kelsey Anderson felt that he looked too unkempt. But for some people, the lazy and casual look is fire. Comments rolled in about the couple:

  • Is he supposed to look bad here or something?? he looks so hot
  • He’s hot here actually… 🥵 but maybe she means the unkempt hair etc.
  • Haha, cute. Their dates on the show always made me smile because there was such a natural light playfulness he didn’t have with the other women.
  • Very hot!! omg 😭 and kelsey is aware of it too lol ugh she’s so lucky.

What are your thoughts about Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei trolling each other? Do you like the way they always seem happy together? Do you agree that she’s a very lucky lady? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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