‘Bachelorette’: Joey Graziadei’s Uncle Fires Up Bachelor Nation

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Bachelorette fans are not happy after frontrunner Joey Graziadei’s Uncle Joe put a damper on his relationship with Charity Lawson. Prior to this hometown date, it seemed that Brayden Bowers was the villain of the season. However, Uncle Joe just took that place, especially with fans. What happened and what are fans saying about good ol’ Uncle Joe? Keep reading to find out more.

Joey Graziadei’s Uncle Joe seemingly became enemy number one

Joey Graziadei has been a fan favorite and front-runner since the beginning of Charity Lawson’s season of The Bachelorette. Things have been going great until Uncle Joe entered the picture. When Charity headed to Pennsylvania to meet Joey’s family, he took her to a tennis court to work on her swing.

Being a pro tennis player he wanted to make sure his girl could at least play the game. During their time at the court, Uncle Joe shows up to give some tips to Charity. Joey obviously has a lot of respect for his uncle. He said, “He was my mentor. He was the person who made me into the man I am today.”

Uncle Joe stirred the pot when he said he wasn’t sure Charity was the right one for his nephew. He said,  “I like Charity. But something didn’t feel 100 percent with Joey.”

He questioned whether Charity was seeing the genuine side of Joey. He even went so far as to say he’d seen his in some of Joey’s previous relationships.

This in turn brought doubt into Charity’s mind. She was even planning on telling Joey she was falling in love with him. Uncle Joe ruined that and she didn’t tell him. In fact, all it did was cause doubt.

Fans are not happy with Uncle Joe. The internet went crazy over him potentially ruining Joey’s chances with Charity.

Uncle Joe via Insta

He’s joined the bad family member list of the franchise

Uncle Joe has joined the ranks of other disliked family members including Katie Thurston’s aunt and Peter Weber’s mother. Many feel like Joey’s chances with Charity were completely ruined by Uncle Joe. There have been memes going up like crazy on the internet.

While most feel like Joe was wrong to put doubt in Charity’s head, some feel like he was spot on. There are some fans who think Joey’s full intent was to fake it til you make it and by making it they mean become The Bachelor. 

Ultimately, Joey still got a rose after hometowns but many feel this still completely ruined his chances of being the final rose winner.

What did you think about Uncle Joe and his talk with Charity?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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