‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Hood Baseball Caps

Hood Baseball Caps on Shark Tank

This week on a brand-new Shark Tank, there are several different items entrepreneurs are pitching to the investors. It includes sporting gear, vending machines, and customizable slides. Also coming to the show this week are baseball caps. The company is Hood Hat, and they want a shark to invest in their Hood Baseball Caps.

Here is what you need to know about Hood Baseball Caps from Shark Tank and where you can buy them.

What Are Hood Baseball Caps On Shark Tank?

Max Nelson is the man who created Hood Baseball Caps and he is bringing his product to Shark Tank, looking for investors to help him expand. What makes these baseball caps different from others is that they are handcrafted and made from merino wool, gabardine, cashmere, and Japanese twill. According to Max, there was a void in customizable, high-quality ball caps.

Hood Baseball Caps

Max said that people could buy blank caps from overseas, he felt there needed to be a way to get them with high-quality materials from America. Max self-funded the company for its first two years and then raised money through family and friends. However, he has chosen not to raise capital funding, and let the company grow organically — and independently.

Hood offers several styles of caps, including snapback, snapback curved, fitted, and dad hates. He creates them in 30 different colors with various font options. There are also premade designs based on regions, cities, colleges, professional sports organizations, music legends, TV icons, and many more. People can also design their own caps online.

As for the design, each piece is cut and sewn with custom mid-profile architecture. The interiors are lined with 100% cotton khaki trim, and they have a polished look inside and out. They are also made in New York City, something that gives Max pride as an American-made product.

Where to Buy Hood Baseball Caps From Shark Tank

If you want to learn more about the Hood Baseball Caps on Shark Tank, visit the company’s official website at hoodhat.com. If you share your email address, you can get 10% off your first order.

Once on the site, you are offered the colors, designs, and examples of logos available. If you want to buy a pre-made cap, there is a map locater so you can pick up something from where you live. For example, Oklahoma hats offer up logos with Norman, OKC, Stillwater, and Tulsa. As expected, Texas is even bigger with Austin, Arlington, the Astrodome, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and more. The prices start at $60 and go up based on the cap’s fit.

When creating your own cap, you start off choosing the style (snapback, snapback curved, fitted, dad hat, 5 panel, and knit beanies). You then get to choose the material based on the style (not all materials are available for all styles). You then choose your color and then pick out the logos.

The average prices are as follows: Snapback ($85), Snapback Curved ($85), Fitted ($80), Dad Hat ($70), 5-Panel ($85), and Knit Beanies ($80). The material also raises the price. For example. a Cashmere Snapback is $120. A Twill Snapback lowers the price to $65.

What are your thoughts on the Hood Baseball Caps from Shark Tank? Do you want to buy one for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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