‘Mama June’ Fans Shocked At The Price Of Pumpkin’s OnlyFans

'Mama June' Lauryn Mychelle "Pumpkin" Efird - YouTube/WE tv

Mama June fans uncovered Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efrid‘s OnlyFans account. While people were surprised to learn that she was on the website, many more had sticker shock when they saw how much the reality TV star was charging. Continue reading to find out how much a subscription to Pumpkin’s OnlyFans is and what fans have to say about it.

Mama June’s Family Under Fire For ‘Grifting’

Nearly everyone tied to Mama June Shannon has been under fire for “begging” for money online recently. It seems like many of them have tried to take advantage of the fact that everyone knows that June stole money from Alana Thompson. A number of people on social media have accused them of “grifting” from their fans.

'Mama June' Alana Thompson - YouTube/WE tv
YouTube/WE tv

Doe Doe Shannon was getting slammed in the comments on her Instagram page after apparently asking her followers for money. She shared her grandson’s CashApp along with his graduation pictures. People in the comment section were in disbelief that she was asking strangers for money.

Now, it seems like Pumpkin is trying to earn a little cash on the side. Mama June fans took to Reddit to discuss her new OnlyFans side hustle.

Fans Slam Pumpkin For OnlyFans Pricing

Reddit user posted a screenshot of Pumpkin’s OnlyFans profile to a Mama June subreddit. “Pumpkin is doing Only Fans maybe that’s why she needed the condemned building. (old Surplus Outlet),” the person wrote.

In the screenshot, you can see a risque profile photo and cover photo. Her bio reads, “Come enjoy the spicy side of me” with a tongue-out emoji. Below that is the subscribe button, showing that Pumpkin charges $30.99 per month for her exclusive OnlyFans.

pumpkin onlyfans

Fans were quick to leave comments. “She really missed the opportunity of using pumpkin spice,” one person joked. “I mean do you boo. But that price is a bit steep. If she lowers it she’ll get a lot more business , IMO,” another Reddit user wrote, referring to the $31 price tag. “That price is ridiculous,” a third person chimed in.

“She probably will make a lot of money the first month or so from people who will buy subscriptions because they are curious and then will cancel,” one fan pointed out.

Others took to the comment section to try and predict which of the family members would be next on OnlyFans. Several people said that Mama June herself would be on the “spicy” site. A number of others said Alana Thompson would be next. “They’ll do anything for money except work actual jobs,” one person concluded.

Season 6 of Mama June: Family Crisis wrapped up last week on Friday. You can watch reruns on WE tv. It is also available to stream on Hulu.

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