Gerry Turner’s Daughter Breaks Silence On Divorce

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Gerry Turner’s daughter broke her silence about her father’s divorce from Theresa Nist. The first-ever Golden Bachelor couple announced they are getting divorced just three months after their televised wedding. Theresa’s daughter already spoke out and now Gerry’s daughter is doing the same. Keep reading to find out what she said.

Gerry Turner’s Daughter Breaks Silence

Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s daughter Angie spoke out following the shocking divorce announcement. She shared a family photo which contained their new blended family. Theresa and Gerry were in it of course along with all of their family members.

She captioned the post saying, “I just want to thank everyone in this photo! We all came together, had the best time, and showed each other love. I will call you all family forever! ❤️”

Angie tagged several people as well. She received tons of comments including one from Theresa. She said, “Angie, what a beautiful message. You are so wonderful. You are all so wonderful. What a beautiful experience we all had together. We are bonded for life.”

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Another family member of Theresa’s also responded. Amanda Nist noted that it was the best time getting to know the Turner family. It was also noted that it was a whirlwind and once-in-a-lifetime crazy experience.


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Theresa’s Daughter Also Spoke

Jen Woolsten is Theresa Nist’s daughter. She was a big part of their wedding planning and of course, was front and center on their special day as well. Now that Gerry Turner and her mother are divorcing, she too spoke out in regard to Gerry’s family.

She shared a big family photo from the wedding and said, “I had only the loveliest experiences being with Gerry and his family and I will hold the days we were officially family in my heart forever, and will think of them as family always. 🩷”

Gerry’s daughter Angie responded as well. She said right back at you and said that the Nists will always be family to them. Jen once again replied noting that they were always welcome in New Jersey. Angie returned the sentiment about Indiana. She also mentioned perhaps they could meet up at a Hawkeyes game.

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So far Gerry has not commented.

What do you think about Gerry and Theresa’s families still wanting to remain families after the divorce? Do you think there is more to the story behind their split?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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