Savannah Chrisley Fears Outcome Of Parents’ Upcoming Appeal

Savannah Chrisley - Unlocked - YouTube

Todd and Julie Chrisley will have their appeal heard as oral arguments in the appellate court on April 19, and Savannah Chrisley fears that her hopes will be smashed. Although the Chrisley Knows Best alums were fortunate to get the appeal granted, she worries things might not go their way.

Savannah Chrisley Put Her Heart On The Line For The Appeal

Many people don’t like the fact that Todd and Julie’s daughter pushes so hard for their early release from prison. Not everyone buys the idea that they are innocent of fraud and tax-related crimes. So, critics sometimes claim that she’ll get a rude awakening when the oral argument appeal results in nothing changing. For a long time, she’s had her heart set on a good outcome.

Todd Chrisley - Julie Chrisley - Youtube
Todd Chrisley – Julie Chrisley – Youtube

The attorneys for the Chrisley Knows Best parents will have a chance to argue that the original trial that gave Todd Chrisley a 12-year sentence, and Julie with a seven-year sentence was flawed. It’s quite a technical case involving a warehouse, a search warrant, and allegedly, an IRS employee who gave the jury the impression that they habitually didn’t pay their taxes.

Fearing It Might Go Wrong For Todd And Julie Chrisley

On April 16, Savannah Chrisley was back on her Unlocked podcast on YouTube talking about the upcoming hearing. She explained that Chloe would be spending the day with Julie’s parents, but she and Grayson and Chase, along with Nanny Faye would be at the hearing. Further into the podcast, she talked about her fears that things might not go the way they hope.

Savannah Chrisley [Unlocked | YouTube]
Savannah Chrisley – Unlocked –  YouTube
Todd and Julie Chrisley‘s daughter said:

I try to educate myself. It’s just so hard knowing that it could not go in our direction. That’s a tough pill to swallow. [But], if it doesn’t go in our direction, we have other avenues to take. Once again, [we’re] like, super grateful…that there are other avenues due to how our trial played out that we could take to get a new trial. or to you know, just hopefully get them out early. So when it comes to the appeal, that’s kind of where we’re at.

No matter the outcome, one thing that fans of Todd and Julie Chrisley know, is their daughter is like a terrier with a bone. No matter how hard it will be, she seems determined to get them home as soon as possible.

What are your thoughts about Savannah Chrisley feeling nervous as she faces her worst fears? Do you pray that things go the way they hope during the appeal? Even if you believe that Todd and Julie Chrisley were correctly convicted, even hardhearted critics might understand her nervousness. Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.

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  1. I hope the chrisley get released early. I think they are done enough time, lesson learned. Julie needs medical attention that she cannot get in prison. so yes I’m hoping the outcome is positive for the parents and especially Savannah who has gave her all. God be with you all.

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