Mama June’s Sister, Doe Doe Sends Cryptic Call For Prayers

Doe Doe Shannon-YouTube

Mama June Shannon’s sister, Doe Doe Shannon, has sent out a cryptic call for prayers. The last time she did something like this was when Anna Cardwell was very sick. It was just days before she passed away but no one was really aware it was her last moments. So, what is Doe Doe saying? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June’s Sister, Doe Doe Sends Cryptic Call For Prayers

The tension is so thick between Mama June Shannon and her big sister, Doe Doe Shannon. For years, Doe Doe was there for her nieces when June was unavailable or gallivanting around. More so, she was a surrogate grandmother for Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird’s children and made sure they had everything they needed. There was one point where she was seen dropping off a whole trunkload full of baby necessities. June was nowhere in sight.

Doe Doe Shannon from Mama June Family Crisis, weTV, Sourced from YouTube
Doe Doe Shannon-YouTube

Unfortunately, drama ensued this season of Family Crisis when Doe Doe missed Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson’s graduation. She was given a vague idea of when it might be but was not in the group chat. Therefore, she was never given the exact date and time so June put her through the wringer due to this. Doe Doe had to remind June that she was there for the girls for a very long time but she was happy to just be an aunt. Sadly, they all had to come together to pray for and love Anna Cardwell who was battling stage 4 adrenal carcinoma.

Doe Doe Shannon and Anna Cardwell from Instagram
Doe Doe Shannon, Anna Cardwell-Instagram

Now, Doe Doe is asking for prayers just like she did prior to Anna’s passing. Mama June’s sister took to her Facebook to share a cryptic post.

Immediately, her followers headed to the comment section to send love and support:

  • Prayers to you and your family and friends in need. The lord is always by everyone side.
  • Much love and prayers
  • Sending prayers of strength and healing
  • Love hugs and prayers
  • Thoughts and prayers headed that way.

More so, no one questioned, per Doe Doe’s request. They just did what she asked and it was a real gathering of a community.

Not Connected

Though they fight on camera, behind the scenes, it seems that Mama June and Doe Doe Shannon keep their distance. The family gets along with June’s husband, Justin Stroud to some extent. However, June has shared that she and her sister only see and speak to each other when they are filming which is sad. Hopefully, the family can find a way to mend their fences sooner rather than later.

Do you think that the family needs to reconnect or is it too late and the damage has been done? Let us know and healing thoughts are being sent Doe Doe’s way.

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