Are Savannah Chrisley And Robert Shiver Still Together?

Savannah Chrisley and boyfriend Robert Shiver

Fans are dying to know if Savannah Chrisley and Robert Shiver are still together. If so, why has she been keeping the relationship so private? Savannah has been dealing with a lot lately. She has been advocating for her parents who are currently in federal prison. Savannah has also had to take in her two younger siblings and become their legal guardian. She has been a powerhouse during this time.

Savannah Chrisley Steps Up

Savannah Chrisley had to step up to the plate. When her parents got arrested, she took in her younger siblings. Todd and Julie Chrisley got arrested for tax fraud. They got a big sentence, but it recently got reduced. Savannah has been keeping fans updated on her podcast and hopes to get her parents out of prison soon. Julie has had to be without Todd for important events like their anniversary, birthdays, etc. Julie also revealed she was upset she was having to miss her son, Grayson’s, baseball season.

Savannah Chrisley The Masked Singer - YouTube
Savannah Chrisley The Masked Singer – YouTube

Are They Still Together?

It seems that Savannah is still dating Robert. She has just decided to keep the relationship private.

“kept [the relationship] quiet because it deserves that respect, also kids involved that deserve that respect.”

Savannah then revealed how she loves his children.

 “When it comes to kids, kids are the most innocent, amazing gifts to any human being known to man. And I will never not show up for a child, so if a child is asking me to show up for them, I won’t even think twice about it,” she continued. “Like there will never be a time where I refuse to show up for a child. Whether that’s physically, emotionally, psychologically, monetarily, whatever it is, I will always show up.”

She has been a great role model for so many children recently and continues to be. The relationship is going to stay private, but they seem to be going strong still. What do you think?

Savannah Chrisley - Robert Shiver - Instagram

She is still dating Robert but wants to keep it private. This is mainly out of respect for his children. Fans applaud Savannah for being so concerned about the children and not putting fame first. Savannah has stepped up and has been the mother role her siblings are currently missing in their lives. She has also stepped up in that role for her boyfriend’s kids. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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