Was There Tension Reuniting Tyler Cameron With Hannah Brown?

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via youtube 3

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have always been two favorites in Bachelor Nation. He was the runner-up on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. Once her engagement to Jed Wyatt ended, she asked Tyler out. They were seen together the following day but things seemed to fizzle out quickly. They met up again during the pandemic where they locked down together with a bunch of people. Now, they are reuniting once more, and this time Hannah is engaged. Was there tension for their latest reunion? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Tension Exist When Tyler Cameron And Hannah Brown Reunited?

Tyler Cameron has announced his latest adventure which is a new reality show all about him and getting back into the world of construction. He is renovating his late mother’s home in Jupiter, Florida. He plans on getting some help with his project, including help from his ex, Hannah Brown.

Bachelor Nation caught up with Tyler to get the scoop on his new show and also talk about Hannah. Was it awkward meeting up with Hannah again?

Tyler said, “We definitely have to work it out. It can be a little tense at first, but it works itself out. Someone has to crack the first joke and break the ice. Usually that’s me and she’s like, ‘Dang it, Tyler!’ and then we get rolling. It’s just me doing something stupid and she just rolls her eyes at me.”

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

His Late Mom Andrea Loved Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron went on to share that his late mother Andrea loved Hannah Brown. He revealed that even when he and Hannah were not on the best terms, his mom still talked to her often. Tyler continued, “She always was Hannah’s biggest fan, so she would’ve loved for Hannah to be a part of this, and she was. So I think my mom would be proud of us putting our differences aside to do something great together.”

He also shared the reasons he wanted Hannah’s help. His actual designer was overloaded with work and couldn’t help out. So, his clients loved the show and loved Hannah so he reached out. Tyler said she killed it. She did an incredible job and his clients were very happy.

He hopes to work with her more in the future. Tyler also plans to enlist the help of other Bachelor Nation favorites should he get a Season 2 of his new show.

What do you think about Hannah reuniting with Tyler to help him with a project? Do you plan to watch Tyler’s new show?

Going Home with Tyler Cameron premieres on April 18.

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