Tyler Cameron Thinks Gerry Turner Is The One Who Messed Up

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Tyler Cameron thinks Gerry Turner is the one who messed up in his relationship with Theresa Nist. He recently gave his honest opinion and did not hold back. He pointed out things about their relationship and what Gerry did wrong. Tyler is known for his time on Hannah Brown’s season and is coming out with a new show soon. Keep reading to find out what Tyler thinks about the relationship and where it went wrong.

Tyler Cameron Upset About Split

Tyler Cameron seems to be upset about the divorce. 

“I was upset with the Gerry and Theresa split. I’m going to stick to a perspective I heard the other day and I agree, they were supposed to be the standard, they were supposed to be the ones that held us together and gave us [the] belief that relationships can work on this show, and they just get divorced after three months? No, I just can’t look at them the same anymore. I don’t believe in them anymore,”

It seems that he is upset because he believed they would be the couple to work out. He did not find his forever on the show and was hoping Gerry and Theresa would.

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He Thinks Gerry Messed Up

However, Tyler seems to think Gerry was the one who messed up.

“I think Gerry messed up. I think he just needs the Florida girl. He had some great Florida selections on that show that he just let slide. And I think that’s probably Gerry’s biggest mistake is you should have gotten yourself the Florida woman, man, I mean Gerry, if you want it, you got to go to the retired capital of the world, Florida, and you’ll find your love. I’m telling you – there’s something called The Villages we can put you in,”

It seems Tyler thinks there were some better options that showed up on the show for Gerry. However, he chose Theresa and maybe that was the wrong choice. Regardless, he is grateful for the experience and memories. 

Tyler Cameron/Credit Tyler Cameron Instagram
Tyler Cameron/Credit Tyler Cameron Instagram

It seems Tyler is disappointed in the two of them and their relationship. He does not understand why they only tried to make it work for three months. However, he thinks Gerry chose the wrong woman it seems. He needs someone who lives where he does or who is willing to move. The situation has been heartbreaking for fans to watch but it is for the best. What do you think? Do you agree with Tyler? Sound off in the comments below.

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