Did Gerry Turner Ever Intend To Live In New Jersey With Theresa?

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Bachelor Nation fans are scrambling to understand Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s sudden divorce. Did he ever intend to move to New Jersey? That’s what fans are wondering after the Golden Bachelor couple chose to divorce so quickly.

Gerry Turner, Theresa Nist Break Bachelor Franchise Record

The Golden Bachelor was TV ratings gold for ABC when the first-ever season premiered in September 2023. The long-awaited spinoff featured Gerry Turner as a 71-year-old widower looking for the second love of his life. Theresa Nist was among the twenty-two contestants also hoping for romance in their golden years.

Viewers watched as Gerry seemed to fall in love with both Theresa and Leslie Fhima. There can only be one winner, and he ultimately chose to propose to Theresa, 70. The whirlwind romance continued with a shotgun wedding mere weeks after the televised proposal.

Millions of viewers tuned in to the Golden Wedding special on ABC in early January. The Golden Bachelor season had some of the best ratings for the franchise in years.

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But Theresa and Gerry ended up breaking another record, and it’s not a good one. The Golden Bachelor couple announced on April 12 that they were divorcing, just three months after tying the knot. That makes their marriage the shortest in Bachelor Nation history.

Theresa Nist’s Career Was A Problem In Golden Bachelor Marriage

Gerry Turner and Theresa cited distance as the reason for the divorce. He lives in Indiana and she lives in New Jersey. They originally planned to move to South Carolina or another state for a fresh start.

Eyebrows were raised in the weeks before the divorce announcement when the then-couple appeared on the Dear Shandy podcast and revealed they still weren’t living together. But in light of the split, Us Weekly gave the podcast another listen and what they heard was very telling.

Gerry Turner admitted that they argued over Theresa Nist still working her full-time job instead of retiring like he thought she would. “I guess the difficult part is I went on to the show to find my partner, and I’ve been retired for a long time. I wanted fun [and] adventure,” Gerry admitted on the podcast.

He continued, “I think the living arrangement is really secondary to the freedom of being able to go and enjoy life and do.”

They couldn’t come to an agreement on where to live either, but did he ever really intend to move?

Did Gerry Turner Ever Intend To Live In New Jersey With Theresa?

According to an insider close to the former couple, “reality set in” after the wedding. “Bottom line, Gerry never really had any intention of moving to New Jersey to be with Theresa,” they told Life & Style.

Between disagreements on where to live and Theresa’s job, is it any surprise that the only recourse was divorce? Sound off in the comments.

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