Theresa Nist’s Job To Blame For Divorce From Gerry Turner?

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor Nation fans are struggling to understand why Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist threw in the towel on their marriage so fast. Did she put her career over love? Keep reading for all the details on the latest revelation.

Theresa Nist Reveals When Divorce Became An Option

The television show The Golden Bachelor followed the journey of Gerry Turner, a 72-year-old retired restaurateur, as he searched for love on national television. He found his future wife in New Jersey native Theresa Nist.

But after three months of being married, Gerry and his wife announced their divorce. The surprising split has left fans wondering what went wrong in the seemingly perfect match.

Another question is when did they decide to end their marriage? They were just filming an episode of Family Feud with other Bachelor Nation alums earlier this month. It turns out that Gerry and Theresa had already been talking divorce at that point.

Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram
Credit: Gerry Turner Instagram

In newly released footage from their Good Morning America interview, the former couple revealed that they had been weighing divorce since March. According to Us Weekly, they even sought help from a marriage counselor.

But it didn’t help. Gerry Turner filed for divorce from his wife of three months on April 12.

Is Her Job To Blame For Split From Gerry Turner?

Despite the initial excitement and public displays of affection, cracks began to appear in the couple’s relationship. Gerry and Theresa admitted weeks before the divorce bombshell that they weren’t living together. But fans didn’t expect the marriage to end so quickly.

The Golden Bachelor couple said on GMA that the primary reason for the divorce was their inability to make their relationship work long distance. But neither one of them wanted to leave their families.

Theresa Nist and GerryTurner via Insta
Theresa Nist and GerryTurner via Insta

But Theresa Nist has something else keeping her tied to New Jersey: her job. She has an established career as a compliance officer in the Garden State. An insider spilled to TMZ that the 70-year-old didn’t want to move to Gerry Turner’s home state of Indiana and try to find a new job there.

The outlet further claims that Gerry Turner offered a compromise of spending a few weeks in NJ and a few weeks in Indiana. But that plan didn’t work out and also goes against another claim that Gerry Turner initiated the divorce.

One thing is for sure – Bachelor Nation fans aren’t buying that there isn’t another reason for the divorce aside from distance. However, that’s the story Gerry and Theresa are sticking to for now.

Do you think Theresa Nist ever planned to give up her job and move somewhere with her new husband? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. The couple were playing the Bachelor game to the finish. no more hype no more marriage. distance was there from the get go. they scammed Bachelor enterprise.

  2. Nobody knows the challenges of totally changing your life after many years of being just you. If is not easy, but I do wish they had given themselves more time to work out all the logistics of joining their lives as a married couple. Darn, we senior citizens need to be the example not the exception. Good luck to Gerry and Theresa in their future endeavors!

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