Garrison Brown Roomate Cries, Regrets Not Checking On Him

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Heartbreaking body cam audio has surfaced from the moment that officers discovered Garrison Brown’s body last month. The¬†Sister Wives¬†star committed suicide in early March and the Flagstaff Police Department responded to the scene. In the audio, you can hear Garrison’s roommates express tremendous remorse and regret for not checking on him. Continue reading to see what they shared with officers at the scene.

Body Cam Audio From Garrison Brown’s Suicide Released

Officers enter Garrison Brown’s apartment in the audio. You can hear the moment that they discover the TLC star’s body in his room. One officer mentions that he has moved a gun that was in Garrison’s lap to provide medics with access to his body.

However, he also audibly notes that the weapon was unloaded when he moved it. This might suggest someone else touched or moved the gun before the authorities arrived.

Garrison Brown, Catthew-Instagram
Garrison Brown, Catthew-Instagram

Then, you can hear the cop asking for someone to notify the medical examiner. It was clear that Garrison Brown had been dead a long time before his body was discovered. The death appeared to be a suicide, but officers did not recover a note of any kind. A bullet casing was recovered at the scene though.

The audio also reveals the moments that Garrison’s roommates learn about his death. The officer called one roommate, Cheyenne, to tell her the news. She can be heard breaking down in tears.

Garrison’s Roommates Share Regrets About Not Checking On Him

Cheyenne told the officer that “she heard something like a pop the night before.” At the time, she said she did not realize or even think that it could be a gunshot. She said that Garrison recently confided in her about having a problem with alcohol. Emotionally, she apologizes for not checking on him the night before.

Addison, another roommate of Garrison’s, is also on the audio. She learned about his suicide over the phone as well and she is clearly upset by the news. Similarly, she tells the officer that he was suffering from depression and dealt with alcoholism as well. She believed that he was drinking the night of his death.

Garrison Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram
Garrison Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sourced from Instagram

Garrison Brown’s brother, Gabe Brown, was the person who found him in his Arizona home. After several concerning text messages, Janelle Brown asked her children if one of them was available to go check on Garrison. She was concerned about her son’s mental health.

Gabe Brown volunteered to go check on his brother. However, upon his arrival, he discovered Garrison’s lifeless body and called the authorities to the scene.

In addition to his mother, Janelle Brown, and father, Kody Brown, Garrison is survived by 17 siblings as well as countless friends and fans.

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