HGTV Evan Thomas & Keith Bynum Slam Production Team

HGTV Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum - Instagram

HGTV stars Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum have made some serious accusations against the producers of Rock The Block. The Bargain Block crew was recently asked to appear on Rock The Block and it seems like they may not have had the best time. In a recent social media post, the pair alluded to “lying and manipulation.” Keep reading to see what they’ve revealed that has fans wanting them to spill the tea.

HGTV’s Rock The Block Season 5

Rock The Block is a show that puts a spotlight on top HGTV renovation stars, like Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum. The stars go head-to-head, renovating identical properties over a six-week period. Whoever has managed to increase the value of the property the most wins.

HGTV Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum - Instagram
Instagram/Evan Thomas

Season 5 kicked off on March 4, 2024. This season features four teams Evan and Keith from Bargain Block, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler from Battle on the Beach, Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis from the HGTV show Unsellable Houses, and Page Turner and Mitch Glew from Fix My Flip.

Evan Thomas & Keith Bynum Rock The Boat

In the most recent challenge, they were tasked with creating a multi-purpose space on the second floor of a home. After the episode aired, Evan Thomas shared the results of the renovation on his Instagram page.

Evan and Keith decided to create a luxurious multi-purpose area in the home. The bedroom and bathroom were filled with different shades of brown and it was meant to be a meditation space.


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He asked fans what they thought of the changes he made. More importantly, he wanted to know what people thought of the HGTV judges on the show, accusing them of “low-balling.” Obviously, the HGTV stars were sad that their renovations didn’t win the challenge.

What got the attention of fans was Keith Bynum’s reply to the post. In the comment section, he wrote, “The truth will come out on the abuse and lies. I can’t wait!!!”

Fans were excited to learn more about what Keith was implying. “Spill that production team tea,” one person wrote in all caps. Another wrote, “Evan had time today!”

A third fan chimed in, “Considering your show is the highest rated out of the bunch, and social media is buzzing on your behalf, they should rethink this bs.” Yet another follower wrote, “I was literally flabbergasted when you didn’t win. Your whole room design exuded peaceful meditation. It was extremely disappointing.”

It didn’t take long for a screenshot of Keith’s comment on Evan’s post to start circulating on an HGTV Reddit thread.

“Whoa! I truly hope they aren’t getting screwed over. This seems quite messy and problematic,” a fan wrote. Another expressed concern about Bargain Block, ” just hope it doesn’t cause Bargain Block to get canceled.”

The final episode of Season 5 of Rock The Block airs on Monday, April 15 at 9 p.m. EST.

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  1. These guys have the worst taste of all the HGTV celebrities. I do NOT watch their show because everything they’ve done on their 2 appearances on Rock the Block has been dreadful. They didn’t even deserve the tie they got this season. I honestly don’t believe their show is the highest rated of the bunch. I would NEVER watch it!

    1. Keith an Evan’s show is my favorite! Maybe you should watch it?! You are wrong and must have little or no taste!!!

  2. Keith and Evan are terrific. I love their personalities and approach to projects. No one is forced to like their
    Decorating, but using the word dreadful is unfair.

  3. I love Keith and Evan each time they’ve been on rock the Block. When Keith made that art piece out of sails on that bedroom wall, that was epic. And on season five of rock, the Block, their designs were definitely upscale. Their living room was the definitely the best. Their design aesthetic has definitely improved. And I love their personalities. I’ve always loved Brian and Sarah‘s designs and Keith and Evan gave them a run for their money. And yes, they should’ve won with that meditative room on that challenge. I was shocked that the twins won, I guess it was because of the solar panels but their design aesthetic is nothing like Sara and Brian or Keith and Evans. Keith and Evan you rock and I adore you both.

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