Fans Shocked, Rylee Arnold Announces Social Media Break

Rylee Arnold from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pro Rylee Arnold recently announced she planned to take a social media break via her Snapchat channel. The news came as a big surprise to many fans, since the 18-year-old is incredibly plugged in and loves sharing updates with her followers.

The dancer didn’t share specifics about her social media break, but fans online began to speculate Harry Jowsey might have a lot to do with it.

Although Harry and Rylee never explicitly confirmed their relationship status, DWTS fans widely believe they have a romantic connection. Keep reading to see what others are saying online.

Rylee Arnold Steps Away From Social Media

As the youngest of four sisters, Rylee Arnold is incredibly close with her family. She recently took a lovely vacation with her family members, as shown through her Snapchat stories.

The 18-year-old appeared to be having a great time, but at the end, she posted that she was going to take a break from social media.

What’s going on?

Rylee Arnold from Instagram
Rylee Arnold/Instagram

“Thoughts on Rylee taking a social media break?” one fan asked on Reddit recently. “I thought it was interesting that she announced it, usually she would just not post anything. I also found it interesting that she made it clear that she was HAPPY….or maybe I’m reading into things too much. Thoughts?”

Rylee Arnold from Snapchat
Rylee Arnold/Snapchat

Many Reddit users pointed out that Rylee just went to visit Harry Jowsey in Los Angeles and the pair seemed to be on great terms. However, many members of the DWTS fandom are convinced they’re in a relationship, and have likely been sending Rylee messages about Harry running around at Coachella this week.


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One Redditor wrote, “I think she’s getting messages like crazy about Harry and other girls from Coachella and about how she must be upset bc she isn’t there. So I think she had to specify that she was happy and just stepping away so people don’t take her silence as she must be upset. I mean if Harry so much as posts a photo with another girl everyone seems to freak out. Which is funny because he has said a million times he is single. I would need a break too haha.”

Other Redditors Throw In Their Opinion

Plenty of other users seemed to agree that Rylee is likely being bombarded by messages from DWTS at the moment. It’s possible she just wants to step away. Other than posting about her social media break, she hasn’t given fans any indication to believe she’s upset.

Other Reddit comments included:

  • I’m sure she is getting a lot of messages about him and decided to announce it so people don’t read into her not posting.”
  • “She might be taking a break to prevent herself from reading too into things!! But idk!!”
  • Harry is posing in bedrooms with half naked girls. It’s not rocket science why she needs a break. I feel for her. She’s a queen and deserves someone who will love and respect her.”

Why do you think Rylee Arnold opted for a social media break? Does it have to do with Harry Jowsey, or is the 18-year-old just taking some much-needed time for herself? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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